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DVEYE Video Reviews

DVEYE Video Reviews

Video Tools and Options Available.

DVEYE Reviews current trending Video tools, Video software and apps. We find and use tools for creating videos, marketing videos & campaigns, promotions, explainer videos, animated video tools and more. We also look for tools that don’t cost us a fortune in monthly payments? If you’re prepared to search around, you can find some wonderful video tools and apps available for creating your videos that don’t cost us ongoing payments. Many of these tools offer excellent options for your business videos, video productions, video marketing campaigns and exposure.


Video Creation Platform

RenderForest.  Keep Reading for a Special Offer Below!

RenderForest is a wonderful Template Based professional video creation platform that helps individuals and businesses create quality videos online for free

RenderForest has always been one of my favorite Video Creation template tools. It has also been a little underrated as it is not always listed with other template video creation tools. But as with many of the Template based editors things have certainly improved over the last few years. RenderForest has an exceptional choice of quality templates with some even matching the style of many After Effects templates, such as dynamic slide shows, parallax slides and 3D animated logos.

Promotional Templates

Renderforest is very easy to navigate. From the dashboard choose a template from the very large selection of Business, Promotional, Logo Animations, SlideShows, Typography or  from the featured selection. Once you have chosen a template you’ll be taken to the RenderForest editor.

video solve
RenderForest Editor

RenderForest Editing

The Timeline will match the template you have chosen. Click on the first template to begin editing your images and text. RenderForest offers unlimited storage so you can upload and add your own images or videos. You then have the option to resize in each template. One note here is that the text boxes are not resizable which limits your text so you will have to check in preview that all the text you input is showing in the final video.

Add your images and text to each template. From the top menu you can also choose your color scheme. Some of the templates will not let you change individual text color but will change the whole overall slide colors so you will need to check the templates. Add a soundtrack or upload your own music or voice over. When you’re happy with the final preview you can then choose to export and download the video for free with a RenderForest background watermark. Plus you can share your video on social media.

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RenderForest Dashboard

RenderForest Pricing:

The Free Option offers an RF watermarked, SD 360 Quality Video.

Use of all templates. No Limits on Editing. Download Videos from any category.

This rises to up to HD 1080 Quality Video, for a very reasonable $29.99

No Editing Limitations. Use of all templates. Download all Videos without a watermark. $10 is added for promotional Videos.

SSD 360 with no watermark for $9.99 and HD 720 quality video is also offered for $19.99.

Final Thoughts and Special Offer

Renderforest is a great tool to create intro videos, promotional, presentation, company, slide show, explainer, animated, whiteboard, logo reveal, social videos and much more. It doesn’t have all the added extras that some of it’s competitors offer such as an extensive library of images to use. But it does offer fabulous templates, great pricing, unlimited video storage that you can go back to and edit and it is very user friendly. You can have your video ready to download for free within an hour or less. Take some time to give Renderforest a try and you will not be disappointment with the results. Check out their blog and learn more about Renderforest. Here’s a Promotional Video for VoluMax 3D Photo Animator I made with RenderForest.

Take a look at the amazing VoluMax 3D Photo Animator at VideoHive

Check out this special offer which will give you a great discount on your video downloads from RenderForest. Send your request for a coupon below and you will receive a discount code.

WhiteBoard Animation

with My Simple Show

My Simple Show is a wonderful, online whiteboard video creator. It allows anyone to create their own animated explainer videos very quickly and very easily. And the best part is that, My Simple Show is totally free to use!

My Simple Show

My Simple Show adopts a slightly different approach to creating your professional, educational or personal animated explainer video. There is no timeline like most of the other online editors. Instead you are given a slide where you arrange your images to match your script.

You begin by choosing a script template, or you can use their new feature and upload a Power Point presentation. There is also the option to start from a blank page and freely write your own script, giving you the chance to get creative. Each step is accompanied by helpful tutorial videos, which I would recommend you watch if you are new to this kind of video creation.

Select a Story line

The templates will give you an outline and break down the story telling or explaining process for you with helpful examples. Spend some time fine tuning your script because although you can edit this later, if you choose to, the images you searched for and set up on your slides will also be reset.

Writing Your Script

Once you are happy with your script you then move onto creating your presentation with images and pictures. My Simple Show will pick out key words in your script. On the right hand side you will see suggested images that correspond with your key words, placed on slides.

You can use the pr-selected images, but you’ll find that you will need to search for an image from the My Simple Show library of images. Or you can upload you own image, which I found to be the best option as many of the searched images will not match your ideas. It’s also worth spending some time on this step. You will need to arrange your images, adjust sizes and change images to suit your idea for the best visual impact.

My Simple Show Editor

The final step is where you add your audio. This can be a computer generated voice with several options available or you can record your own audio. I found that the computer generated voices do not sound very natural (they never do) and lack the tonal changes and stress that you find in a human voice. So to solve this problem the best option here is be to record your own voice, if you want to make a real connection with your viewers. Again there are guides available for this process and your script is broken up making it easy to read.

The final step is generating your video to export and share.

Export and Publish

My Simple Show’s obvious appeal is its simplicity and the fact that it’s free. Using the online tool is an enjoyable experience and a change from the normal timeline process that we are used to with other editors. It’s great for creating quick, simple, explainer videos, digital stories, presentations and promotional videos. My Simple Show also has obvious uses for educational purposes and I believe is already used in the classroom, as a tool for a flipped video class. If your looking to create a whiteboard video at the moment, then I highly recommend you give My Simple Show a whirl and try it out now, for FREE. Check the Video I created below or you can view on YouTube, please like and subscribe should you enjoy the video:)


How to Create a Video in Minutes

with Wideo

Over the past few weeks I have been looking for tools that will help me create a video in the matter of a few minutes. There are many tools to help you create intros but I was looking for something that had all the tools to complete an online video in minutes. This is mainly because I am stepping up my own service of offering videos for businesses in my local area. To solve this problem of creating video quickly I looked at several tools with free options.

Wideo has been around for some time now and I always passed it off as just another slide show application. But some of these applications have now become more than just a picture slide show app, so I decided to give Wideo a try.

video solve

The online editor comes with a good selection of animated templates that can be customized to deliver your message. You can also create your own images from a blank template, these are situated to the right of the screen. The main menu is on the left and is clean with no clutter.

With the free option you will need to import your own graphics into the video you’re creating. You can choose images, backgrounds and music to create your online video but of course this is limited unless you upgrade.

wideo editor

The free version allows you to create videos of up to 30 seconds with a small unobtrusive Wideo logo branding. You can then share to Facebook or Twitter and copy the code for embedding on your web site or blog. Wideo does not let you upload your video to YouTube or download the video, unless you want to pay a one time steep $49. In my book is way too much for a 30 second video. If your creating several videos then this price will soon add up to a large amount for a few minutes. Or you can pay the $19 a month for unlimited features which is a much more respectable figure.

Wideo is a great way to solve the problem of creating videos quickly. I enjoyed using their editor which is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I was more than happy with the final result. Wideo is a tool that I would certainly consider using again to create a quick animated video.

Wideo do not seem to let you embed for very long!

How to Create Awesome Videos in Minutes

with Content Samurai

video solve
Content Samurai/Video Solve

Have you ever used Market Samurai Keyword Tool to help you with keyword research and ranking your web site, blog or videos? This tool has also been around for some time now and proved to be very successful. And now Nobile Samurai have also moved into the video business with their new tool Content Samurai and I highly recommend you check this wonderful tool out.

Need Traffic? FREE Cheatsheet Reveals How To Generate Monster Traffic With VIDEO - Download for FREE

Content Samurai is not something you want to miss out on. With all the experience Market Samurai have with SEO they have created a Video Tool that will help you create videos in minutes, literally. The Editor is much like a slide show creator but slides vertically with the menu situated on the left.

video solve
Content Samurai Editor/video solve

Before creating your video slides you will need to create a simple script, so grab the cheat sheet above, which will explain how to create attention pumping  texts. Once in the editor your text or script will have been placed on your slides. Choose your color scheme and then add images from the image search in the menu bar. You can also change the layout and tweak your timing once you are happy with your slides.

In the main menu above the slides you are also able to change view, add another slide, change the text or add a video clip. It’s a good idea to have these already prepared before you start. I would also recommend adding an intro video and an outro video once you are happy with the main body of the video.

video solve
CS Menu/Video Solve

You can now add your voice to the slides and Content Samurai will cut your text into chunks for you to read easily. If you don’t wish to have a voice text then you can also add a sound clip from the library which is a little limited but you can upload your own sounds. Once the final video is generated which is also super fast, you are able to share and download.

Your final videos will also be viral traffic machines that hopefully will be constantly shared via social media. That is if you have followed the Noble Samurai training videos that are also available. Check out this post for viral video links.

I’ve been blown away with Content Samurai mainly because this is a tool that creates video in a way like no other tool I have used before. It definitely solves the problem of creating video quickly. Check out the Content Samurai sales page and there is also a bonus sign up trial offer of $1 for a month. The monthly fee for full use is also available should you wish to carry on using this wonderful video tool.

Crank Out Traffic-Pumping Videos On-Demand!
Video Solve

Whiteboard Animation Video

with Video Scribe

Over the last few weeks I have been crafting my first Whiteboard Animation. Many people are looking for the right tool to create whiteboard explainer videos as they have become pretty popular now. I recently also discovered that this can create whiteboard videos with after Effects so I will be reviewing this style soon. After searching and comparing several whiteboard tools, I decided to give Video Scribe a try.

Sparkol’s Video Scribe   is one of the most popular whiteboard tools available. Sign up for a free account and download the editor and player app. When your ready start your seven day free trial by signing in through your desktop app. I recommend having a short story board or plan of what you want to achieve with your animation before you begin.

The editor is super user friendly, even if you are a beginner you will be able to master the skills required within an hour and pump out a decent looking animation. They have a large menu of images and templates available to slot onto your timeline and it then a matter of adding text and sound. It’s so easy and straight forward that you can have your video done in twenty minutes. I also like that you can download this editor and feel that it gives you more control over your authoring this way.

video solve
Video Scribe Editor/DvEye Video Solve

If you find yourself struggling then their are also simple tutorials to watch. I will certainly be giving Video Scribe another look and create a whiteboard animation with the tools again in the near future. It is one of the more accomplished white board animation tools. But as I have said before I am not a great believer in monthly subscriptions which most of these tool want.

Video Solve Reviews
VideoScribe DvEye Video Reviews

Visit Sparkol and try out their excellent whiteboard animation tool  for yourself. You can also check out my beginner Video Scribe Animation on YouTube.  I would also recommend their app Tawe which will help you build mobile friendly videos and presentations plus is completely free to download.

Another tool that you really should be checking out is Mobirise.  This is an offline app for Window and Mac which will help you easily create small/medium websites, landing pages, online resumes and portfolios, promo sites for apps, events, services and products.

Mobirise builds mobile friendly sites and is completely free to download and use now. With mobile use now becoming so important this app will help you solve the problem of marketing your business or product to smartphone users.


Apart from the marketing video apps that we are force fed everyday there really are some great other options you can use to create animated videos. It takes some searching and digging around to find the tools that are not squeezing monthly payments out of people but it is well worth your time. Check out the other reviews on this page and you’ll find one of the best Free whiteboard animation tools that is also super fast and easy.

Thanks for reading and keep your eye on Video Solve for more Video Reviews, free downloads, must haves and heads up. You can find me on Twitter and please check out the Dveye social pages. You can also Subscribe for some of the best free offers you’ll get from any website. Please leave your comments and recommendations.

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