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YouTube SEO and optimization of your video content is critical to ranking and reaching the audience on YouTube. Of course video marketing SEO is very similar and is a nessesity for every business. You must deliver your videos and their corresponding text-based content such as your keywords, title, meta data, description, etc, to viewers and keep them watching. We all know this is something YouTube’s algorithms like. So with the correct SEO, social media sharing and some other tricks, you can get your video in front of a large audience.

This post will not go into all the basics of YouTube SEO. You should know all about keywords, thumbnails and tags etc. If you wish to see some great traffic methods see the post above. For more ways to get views and subscribers see this post Traffic Methods. And for places to share your video links see this post with over 60 groups and forums for Video makers. See this post for the largest list of best SEO tools on the web.

This post will list some free YouTube SEO tools that will help your YouTube video views and rankings. It will also give you some new ideas and tips on how to get people in front of your videos.

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YouTube SEO Tools and Where to Begin

As you know YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web. So I would suggest you first of all head over to YouTube and type your keyword into the search box. You will then see a drop down box with suggestions based on relevant queries other people have previously searched on YouTube.

This is a good way to measure how popular your keywords are and give you some more ideas. Similarly just do the same thing on Google and you will see how high your keywords are ranking.

We all know there are plenty of places to share on social media but another good practice is repurposing content. This is taking old content including videos and creatively implementing it in new ways and formats. For example, you could repurpose a popular blog post as a video, podcast, a vlog, infographic, a Slidshare or social media post. When it comes down to repurposing the possibilities are endless.

You can use tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer which are the two most popular creative sharing sites. They also both have free plans. It means more editing but that’s the fun part. As we know SEO is mainly about keywords so lets start with some keyword tools. Also check out this SEO playlist below with some great SEO advice.

YouTube SEO Tools Keywords and Tags

KeyWordTool is a free keyword search engine of types that also searches other social sites. You will have to pay to see more than a handful of results.

Ubersuggest is one of my fave tools for keyword research giving you results, content ideas, suggestions and much more. Sign up for free and get daily rankings and much more.

Keywords Everywhere has a chrome and Firefox install so this is very helpful.

Keyword Hero is another recommended tool which also has a free plan.

YouTube Tag Generator Tagging your YouTube videos properly is one of the first and most basic things you can do to direct traffic to those videos.

Tags YouTube is another tag generator and also has a few other useful tools.

If your not already using TubeBuddy then you certainly should be. It also has keyword tools, tags, templates, analytics and more. TubeBuddy is with a doubt the number one YouTube SEO tool for your videos.

youtube seo tubebuddy

YouTube SEO Tools Free

Attracta is a very powerful suite of SEO tools. They also have a great free plan and add your video for ranking on all the search engines. Highly recommended.

SEOquake is another excellent free tool that check any webpage for a huge selection of SEO parameters on the fly. It also comes with the free SEOquake browser extension.

Small SEO Tools has an incredible amount of free SEO tools at your fingertips, way to many to list here.

Moz is a very popular SEO site with Free tools for backlinks, keywords, ranking, analysis and much more.

youtube aeo
WISHPOND is the best all in one Marketing Tool on the web. Highly Recommended

BackLink Checker is also another very good site with free SEO tools. You can use the free version which is limited but it ranks itself as the largest web crawler after Google so that’s a lot of data.

Vidooly is a great video analytics software. They also offer free YouTube tools to try out.

VidIQ is perhaps the second most popular tool used for YouTube videos SEO. It has some great features even with the free account.

Agora Pulse is a YouTube management tool that will track all your comments. You can then have more engagement, collaborations and more subs.

SEO Tool Station has free SEO YouTube tools. You will find free backlinks, keywords tools and much more.

MoocNote has some interesting features. It is a video management tool that will help you build an online video library. You can share and collaborate, grab text from videos and help you get the most out of your videos.

Channel Pages is a 100% free collaboration tool. It will find video partners for collaborations, promotional videos, and integrated marketing campaigns. Grow even faster with our managed collaborations! Recommended.

FrameBit connect brands with the right creators, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience and inspires action. Their pricing is certainly great as they only get paid when you get paid.

youtube seo
LINKCOLLIDER is a great place to get more views and subs

YouTube Community Sharing Sites

Sharree is a fairly new site but already has a large membership. The forums are very active. Create your own channel and you can post your links as long as you are participating in the forums. A highly recommended YouTube community.

youtube seo sharree

Drummitup is another growing community where upcoming YouTubers can share and promote their videos to get more attention and subscribers. Highly recommended for YouTubers.

drumitup youtube seo dveye
DRUMITUP a great community for YouTubers

YTtalk is the biggest forum and community for YouTubers to connect, collaborate, share and gain advice. Highly recommended.

BitTube TV is a growing Video site for creators. You can create a channel, post video, audio and images. A great site that is growing fast. Follow DVEYE and our posts on BitTube.

YouTube seo
BitTube the new place to post your content

Freedom Forums is another forum for discussion about all things YouTube and more.

TubeBuddy Forums is another very active place to get some great advice. Collaborate, share and learn.

Free YouTube Chat Rooms is a very active place. Chat with people that enjoy Youtube in Youtube Chat Rooms.

Chatzy is another YouTube chat room.

YTpals is a place to get free YouTube Subscribers & FREE YouTube Likes.

For the biggest and best list of YouTube tools on the Web including SEO tools, sub4sub, view4view and like4like sites, collaboration, templates and more see this post DVEYE Unlimited.

seo youtube tools dveye

Finally see this How to get More Subscribers and Views Playlist for some great tips, tricks, and advice.

If you’re in business download our FREE Video Marketing Template. I certainly hope you found something useful here. If you did please let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by DVEYE. Follow us on our social links and join us at Video Maker Forum for more Video resources.

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