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Videomaker Tools & Resources Part One 500 Tools

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Videomaker Tools. A Mega Toolbox of

 500+ Tools & Resources for your Video



Videomaker tools can be anything from video downloaders, ad creators, cutters, trimmers, rotators, background removers, overlays, video skins, marketing tools, presentation tools, annotation tools, animation tools or editors. And there is a whole treasure chest of tools available on the web, that can perform just as well as the super, well known tools that we all see and use everyday on the social media sites.

I was recently searching through my Videomaker tools bookmarks, looking for a video rotator. There are several available, of which you can use for free. It was for a clip taken with a phone camera, in landscape or sideways view. This got me thinking about the staggering amount of tools that are available for videomakers.

So I decided to create this post and break it down into four parts. Many video tools for specific tasks are not that easy to find and hardly ever seen, on social media sites. A tip here is to visit the forums and groups on social media such as our Videomaker Forum. where you’ll find people sharing recommendations, daily updates with tools, tips and more.



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I also see on forums and in groups people asking about certain videomaker tools, that can perform certain jobs or tasks all the time. Over the last four or five years I have been collecting and trying to organise my bookmarks into video categories. Even though I now realise it’s an almost impossible task to list the staggering amount of video tools available, it became a challenge. It has been a seemingly never ending task, and now I am going to share some of the best tools I found in this 4 part Videomaker Tools post.

I will also be giving away some DVEYE Original Video Templates with each part, so here is the first giveaway for part 1.


YouTube Promotion Templates

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Below you’ll find PART ONE of a list, that in it’s entirety will have approximately, 500 very useful tools to add to your personal video toolbox. I haven’t listed the well know obvious video tools that we see on Facebook everyday, such as Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut, PowerPoint,  etc, but tools that you may not have even seen, or heard of before. Most of these tools are alternatives, resources and videomaker tools for getting certain jobs or simple tasks done including graphic tools, footage, sharing tools and much more.

Each section of this post is listed below. This post, Part One will list; Video Creation and Presentation Tools, Video Plugins, Video FX  along with Graphics Tools and Resources.



Videomaker Tools Included in Part 1


  • Video Creation & Presentation Tools that will help you create videos.

  • Video Plugins that you can embed into your sites or add to your editors.

  • Video Fx and Elements, overlays and compositors.

  • Graphics Tools, Softwares, Online and Resources



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Videomaker Tools Included in Part 2 (coming soon)


  • Video Downloaders and Converters

  • Video Cutters, Trimmers and Rotators

  • Video Misalanious Tools

  • Video How to and Tutorial Sites



Videomaker Tools Included in Part 3 (coming soon)


  • Public Domain and Creative Commons Sites

  • Video Footage Sites

  • Video Sounds and Music

  • Photo and Image Sharing Sites


videomaker tools


Videomaker Tools Included in Part 4 (coming soon)


  • Video Search, Discovery and Curation Tools

  • Video Hosting and Sharing Tools

  • Video Chat and Social Tools

  • Video Players



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WeVideo have a new HTML5 video editor with some exceptional features. This is their beta version and you can try it out online now.

videomaker tools


Binumi is a great visual storytelling video maker. It has a large library of stock and a great free option.

Emaze will help you create amazing HTML5 video presentations, with some great customisation features for videomakers. Free option available, see their site for plans.


videomaker tools


Focuky is another excellent free HTML5 animated presentations video maker tool. Download their free Presentation Software and create amazing videos. Free account available. Highly recommended tool for video makers.

VSDC is an excellent free Mac Video editor plus other tools.

Rocketium Create Videos for social media, ads, anything in minutes with Rocketium. Try for free option.

ThinkLink is an amazing interactive video creation tool. Check out their video below.



Vidsy is an original mobile Creators ads platform with some great features.

MyVideoToolbox lets you create from uploaded videos using its customising features. Free trial available.

Videolicious will help you create video ads in seconds.

Ivipid will help you create video clips and intros.

Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.

TeachEm will let you create questions on videos.

Renderman is professional advanced animation studio free for none commercial use. It also has an excellent resource library.


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VideoPad is an excellent Video Editor for Mac with a very good free version available and packed with some great features.

WeVideo is a great online editor with some great features including, green screen, picture in picture, screen casting and more. Limited free plan available.

IVSedits is a Professional high end editing software. It has an easy learning curve and is designed to get editing done quickly and efficiently. Free version available.

OpenShot and Open Sources excellent free video editor. Packed with great features plus cross platform.

videomaker tools


AdobeSpark is another very well know creation suite of tools. But are you aware you can create social graphics, web stories and animated videos with Spark’s free graphic design app.

Filmora Wondershare is probably the best alternative to IMovie for Mac users. Download their free trial editor here.

Neuromixer offers musicians and VJs a software solutions that will bring live visuals onto the big screens. AVmixer Pro is video mixing software available for Mac and PC at very affordable prices.

AnimatorHD is a frame grabber, for creating stop motion and time lapse animation. It allows to create stereoscopic 3D videos & movies by using it’s advanced motion control systems.

AdLaunch is a very good fairly new online editor for creating marketing videos and ads. I can highly recommend this tool, that you can create videos with and download with no watermark!

videomaker tools

Moviesandbox is an Open-Source 3D realtime animation tool and free download for windows users.

Explee is a WhiteBoard style Video Creator with a free 14 day trial.

Semalt is a Free online Video Maker, with templates for making explainer videos. Free option and templates available.

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Kizoa is an online movie maker, collage maker, slideshow maker and video editor. Visit their site for membership details and plans.

Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials.Wink is distributed as a freeware for business and personal use.

PimPamPum or Bubbir is a visual story maker with a large sharing community.

Cinelerra is intended to be useful and fast, representing the essential features from 20 years of editing.It does not compare to the leading commercial editors and by modern standards, it’s very minimalist. Cinelerra is a Free and open source download.

Movie Masher is a collection of open source projects that add video editing capabilities to your website.

Loopster is an online editor with some great features and certainly worth trying out.

Vialogues is a community of learners using video to ignite discussion. Get started by exploring our collection of thought-provoking video discussions or host your own and invite others to join you.

AvidMedia Composer First is of course, a very well know, industry standard, video editor but, this is their wonderful fully featured free download edition, that you really must try.


videomaker tools

ClipCanvas is an online editor in Beta stage with a massive free footage library.

videomaker tools

YouTube Director App is a free app for creating polished video adds from your phone.

Slides is an online tool for creating presentations and slide decks. Similar to PowerPoint with a free sign up and prices starting at $5 a month.

Prezi is a professional superior Presentation software. It has all the tools you need to create dynamic and engaging presentations and videos. Free plan available.

LifeLogger is an online editor and video manager.

RenderFX is an excellent online editor with motion graphics templates and a massive library of online elements and stock media assets. Highly recommended. Free plan available with watermark, prices to buy your video start at $24 without watermark.


videomaker tools


RawShorts is an excellent drag and drop explainer video creator. Raw shorts has everything you need including templates to create an animated explainer video for free.

Hapyak is a super interactive video creation tool. Build interactive videos with advanced analytics and personalisation for all your videos.

Motionden is a simple online drag and drop animated video maker. Free plan available pay to remove watermark.

Vidzor will help you create interactive videos with their self authoring editor.

Open Movie Editor is a free and open source editor. It’s designed for basic video editing whilst being powerful and easy to use.


videomaker toolsbox


Blysk is a superb HTML5 animation creator with no no installation or plugins needed. Sign up for their beta program.

VideoBolt is an online market place for videomakers which also has an online editor.

Storyboarder is a superb video creation storyboard maker. It is open source and you can download for free.


videomaker toolsbox


For More Video Creator and Editing tools see this post Video Creation Tools.

And see this post on How to create a video without a camera or any footage.

Plus The Best Android and IOS Apps for Videomakers.

Also if your looking to create animation check out this post with over 80 animation tools and software


Create Awesome Videos in Minutes!




CGpersia is the best place to find plugins for After Effects, Maya, Adobe, Cinema 4D, UNreal Engine, Lightwave and much, much more. You will also find free downloads, templates and a great active forum.

Ignite Express is a massive FREE collection of downloadable plugins from HitFilm, for just about every software, including; After Effects, Premier Pro, Final Cut, Apple Motion, DaVinci Resolve, Nuke, Avid Media Composer, Vegas Pro and more. Grab this amazing bundle now while it’s still available, highly recommended.

Swish Transitions is a free plugin for AE, FCP and Premier Pro users.

Data Pop is a free infographic titles plugin for Final Cut Pro.

Region Tool is a great free plugin for AE, FCP and Premier Pro users that let you apply effects to only the part of an image that needs it.

Pan and Zoom without a single keyframe. Works with; Works with Final Cut Pro, Motion Premiere Pro and After Effects plus it’s totally free. 

videomaker tools


WordPress Plugins Search Engine.

Video Manager Plugin is great wordpress plugin for building addictive niche video sites. Allows you to add videos from various websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc.

MisterHorse has some great After Effects Plugins and you can download the excellent Animation composer 100% free from their site now.

CoreMelt FREE is a great set of 39 Free plugins for Final Cut Pro users, After Effects and Premier Pro users. Check out their site for this excellent free plugins bundle.



ToolFarm have a large selection of plugins unfortunately none free.

POWr have a great selection of video plugins you can embed on your sites and blogs.

VideoShareVOD has to be one of the best tools I have found recently. I is based on a WordPress style plugin and will let you run your own VOD, streaming and sharing site for free. Visit their site and check out this great plugin.


videomaker tools


FXFactory has the Luca Visual Random Text plugin for FCP, AE and Adobe Premiere.

Creative Impatience have a good selection of free plugins, including, simple mask plugin for Premiere Pro and AE.

PiPinator is a free picture in picture plugin for FCP users.

Alex4D has some excellent FCP Warp Plugins including, Black Hole, Bulge, Circular ZigZag and Twirl effects.

videomaker tools


Video Copilot has a great selection of 15 Free presets and plugins for After Effects. Including, 3D Orbital, Magic tracking, Frame rotate, Light Sabers and a whole lot more.

AEScripts has After Effects plugins including the excellent fractals plugin.

Vegasaur have a collection of Free plugins for Sony Vegas Pro.

VashiVisuals also has a great collection of Free plugins for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

HighEnd 3D has a large selection of free plugins and scripts.

EditBetter is a great place to find free plugins, scripts and much more, highly recommended.



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PixelConduit is a lightweight realtime video and graphics compositing tool. Everything in PixelConduit is designed for realtime performance with over 90 great features.

ButtleOFX is another Free and open source, user friendly compositing tool.It allows you to easily create special effects for your photos and videos.

Video Time Reversal 2 is a powerful software that can (time) reverse videoAny video may be reversed using Video Time Reversal 2, without convert it before.


videomaker tools


Nuke The Foundry are giving away the free, non-watermarked version of Nuke, which is a software for VFX animation and games.

Natron  is an excellent cross platform tool for compositors. Check out their excellent features of this free tool on their site.


videomaker tools


VFXBro have a selection of free downloads such as split screen effect, and pop up book and shapes plus layers.

Wax is a high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects software. Head over to their siye and download free.

Action FX also have a free selection of FX including textures and sound FX.

Houdini is a Free Fx content creation tool for developers in film, Tv, Video and games.


videomaker tools


BluffTitler is a Windows desktop app for creating, rendering and playing 3D video effects. Great for 3D text and titles.

ActionFX have a collection of free VFX you can download.

MotionFX have a selection of free plugins for Final Cut Pro.

MovieSandbox is a realtime animation and Fx software.

Blender is perhaps one of the most well know free effects tools mainly used as 3D modeller. But can also be used for creating animated effects, video editing, 3d content and VFX. Blender is an excellent free and open source tool and highly recommended.


videomaker tools




YouTube End Screens Maker is an animated outro maker for your videos.

Odyseay is a free tool that will let you create template based interactive stories.

Visme is an excellent design and visual communications tool. You can create infographics, banner ads, social graphics and more.

Vidlery offers some of the best animated backgrounds on the web. Free to download and use in your projects. Highly recommended.

FreePix also offer a fantastic collection of free graphics for videomakers.

Pixir is an excellent free online image editing software.

Vector4Free also has a good collection of free video graphics.

FreePSDfiles has a great selection of free graphics.

BestPSDfreebies has a large collection of free downloads.

Easilly will let you create infographics.

Animatly will let you create animated banners and videos for free with their online editor.




Canva is in my opinion the best graphics tool on line. If your not using this tool I suggest you start creating some stunning graphics for your video ads, posts etc.

Hp5 is a tool for creating interactive graphics and content with some great features and totally free to use.

Embedly is a very effective platform on the web to engage your audience through rich media embeds, such and social media post, banners and more.

DesignFeed is another excellent banner and social media post maker.

HubSpot are always giving great templates away and this is a set of 15 excellent infographic templates.

Gravit is an excellent, cross platform, online, design and graphics editor.


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Picozu is a graphics online editor with some excellent features. Also come with a Chrome extension.

OutroMaker is a YouTube tool that will help you create animated outros. Free Trial available with templates.

1001FreeDownload is a great site for getting free graphics, vectors, icons, clip art, photos, PSD files and more.

Placeit the best place to get just about any mock up you can imagine. They also have a book cover maker, banner maker and logo maker.

Background Burner Free online tool to remove the background from images.

Autoclipping is another background removal tool but you pay $0.05 for your downloads or a little more if you are not a subscriber.

EditPhotoFree is another Free background removal tool.

Genialy is a great online editor very similar to Canva. You can create social media images, infographics, interactive content and a whole lot more. Recommended tool with a free option.

Stencil is a great tool with a generous free option for creating stunning visual content.

Venngage will help you create free infographics. Free plan available.

SumoPaint is an online image editor, without need to install anything to your device. It’s the most versatile photo editor and painting application that works in a browser. You can open and save images from your hard drive or save it to cloud.


videomaker tools


All Free Download have a huge collection of free graphics you can use for your video projects.

Graphic Burger have a large selection of free design resources.

IRFanView is an image converter, optimiser, batch processor and much more.

FreePik is a graphic search site with a massive collection of free video graphics. Pic up these excellent graphics below for your video projects.

PosterMyWall Last but not least is the amazing Poster My Wall where you can create fantastic social media graphics, Video graphics and videos, recommended.


videomaker tools



That brings us to the end of Part 1 of this Mega Videomaker Tools Box. There are over 100 tools and resources above to help with your video projects. Be sure to download your Free PowerPoint templates just send me a request above and look out for Part two which will include:

  • Video Downloaders and Converters

  • Video Cutters, Trimmers and Rotators

  • Video Misalanious Tools

  • Video How to and Tutorial Sites

Plus I will be giving away another Free Original DVEYE Videomaker Template. So be sure to check back and grab your free downloads.

Can you add to this list? I would really like to know about any tools you think I should have added, so please leave your comments, it would be great to hear from you.

Please support DVEYE by sharing this post if you found it at all useful. You can find more Videomaker tools and content by following DVEYE on our social links.

Have a great day.




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