Videomaker Toolbox 500 Tools for Videomakers Part Two

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Videomaker Toolbox 500 Tools and

Resources For Videomakers Part Two


Welcome to Part Two of this Videomaker Toolbox, with over 500 Tools you can use for your Video Projects. Check Out Part One here. Please be kind enough to share this post if you find it useful, thank’s very much.

Here’s what’s included in Part Two;

  • Video Cutters, Trimmers and Rotators
  • Video Downloaders and Converters
  • Video Other Miscellaneous Tools
  • Video How to and Tutorial Sites


 LinkCollider - Website Ranking Tool Using Social Media


Here is a quick recap. There is a whole treasure chest of tools available for Videomakers on the web. Many of these videomaker tools are for specific tasks and are not that easy to find. They are also hardly ever seen, on social media sites, unless you follow DVEYE. So I decided to create this post and break it down into four parts. You can find Part One here. Below you’ll find PART Two of this list, that in its entirety will have approximately, 500, very useful tools to add to your personal video toolbox.





I haven’t listed the very well know obvious video tools that we see and use everyday, such as Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut, PowerPoint, etc, but lesser known tools that you may not have even seen, or heard of before. Most of these tools are alternatives, resources for Videomakers and tools for getting certain jobs or simple tasks done. The tools include, video cutters, trimmers, rotators, graphic tools, footage, marketing tools, sharing tools and much more.


videomaker tools


Plus with every post you can download one of the DVEYE original PowerPoint Templates for Free. To download the first template see here. This post includes a free Video Elements PowerPoint. This PowerPoint Video Builder Pack will help you create a video related PowerPoint for marketing, sales, or social video. Check out the video below and you can download by simply filling in the form below.


Videomaker Toolbox Part Two


Videomaker Cutters, Trimmers and Rotators


Rotatevideo is an online tool that will flip or rotate your video clockwise or counterclockwise.



Mp4 Joiner is a free application that allows join multiple MP4 files into one without re-encoding and without quality loss.

Video Cutter and Joiner is a cutter joiner software can cut large video file and remove unwanted parts like commercials, outtakes and trailers.

Gihosoft has a 100% Free Full Version of its Video Cut Assistant for Mac and Windows.

TunesKit also have an excellent easy to use free video editor for beginners that will help you trim and merge video clips quickly.



VideoRotate is another online tool for rotating and slicing your videos.

Filmora Wondershare also have an excellent free rotate video tool that will also let you cut, split, crop and combine clips. Filmora products are excellent value and I highly recommend you also check out their wonderful video editor. Free for Windows and Mac.

RotateMyVideo is an excellent online tool. Flip your videos in a few seconds with this online service.

YTCropper is an online YouTube video cropper.

EZGif also has an online video rotator.

Aconvert has another online video rotator.

Video Cutter is an online video cutter, trimmer and joiner.

VideoCutter is a Chrome app Online free video cutter.

FreeVideoCutter is a free video utility to help you to cut and split your video files into small size you can use it as a “video cutter”, “video splitter” or “video clipper”.

Video Edit Master is a free CNET video editor including these features: Cutting and joining video files that have the same encoding, resolution and frame rate easily and fast without re-encoding.

Media Cope is an all in one media player, cutter and converter.

Cute Video Cutter a free easy to use video utility to help you to help you cut and trim your videos.

Movie Rotator is a software you can quickly and easily rotate digital camera videos with.

FreeVideoCutter is a free video cutting software to cut video file into small pieces.



BoilSoft has a collection of cutters, joiners and trimmer software.

YouTubeCutter is an online YT video cutter that will also let you share with friends. I haven’t used this but I got a nasty pop up when I did try to use it so be careful.

TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it. Although it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. You might have  better luck.

Vibby is an excellent video clip player.


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Videomaker Downloaders and Converters


Miro is a simple way to convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), Ogg Theora, or for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Batch conversion, custom sizing, and more. Highly Recommended for Mac users.



HandBrake is probably the most well known tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.

VideoGrabby is a simple YouTube Downloader.

ZamZar is in my opinion one of the best online multi converters. Zamzar supports over 1200 different conversions, Video Converter, Audio Converter, Music Converter, eBook Converter, Image Converter, CAD Converter. Highly recommended.

Clipgrab is a Free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other online video sites.

YouTube Grab is a Free online YouTube downloader.

4KDownloader is a multifunctional cross platform video downloader with some great features.

AnyVideoConverter takes videos from your computer or downloaded from the Internet and converts them into just about any format you’d like.

ATubeCatcher is a Video Downloader and Screen Recorder.

DVDvideosoft also have a Downloader. Download all the videos you want with the simple and smart downloader.

EasyHTML5Video creates videos for your website that look amazing on any devices and browsers.

YTD is a video downloader for Mac users free.



ClipConverter is an excellent online YouTube downloader and converter.

FreeMake also have a Free Video downloader and converter.

FreeTime also have several multifunctional media converters.

MediaHuman have some excellent media converters and downloaders.

ConvertYouTube is a Video downloader and converter.

KeepVid is an online Video downloader.

AVGO is a Free Facebook Video Downloader that allows you to grab any video you want from Facebook.  It gives you the power to choose the resolution of the video prior to it being downloaded. It also gives you the option to convert the video to another file option.

SaveOGram is an Instagram Video and image downloader. Paid.

VideoGrabber is an online search and download tool.

XVideothief is a multifunctional open source video search and downloader.

Online Video Converter is you guessed it an online video converter with a chrome extension.

SaveFrom is an online video downloader from multiple sites.

SnapTube is another online video downloader.

SaveMedia is yet another YouTube video downloader.

Moo0 have a selection of video converters, downloaders and resizes.

HTML5 Maker is a HTML5 video converter and player.

TenOrShare also has a YouTube Video Downloader.

FireFox YouTube Downloader is an add on for Firefox which adds a single click download button below the video you are viewing.


videomaker tools


Videomaker Other Miscellaneous Tools


YouTube Comments lets you search video comments by user. Track replies, review your history, protect your identity online.

ZeitAnker is a video transcriber.

Jubler is a tool to edit text-based subtitles. It can be used as an authoring software for new subtitles or as a tool to convert, transform, correct and refine existing subtitles.

GetBravo is a Video Testimonial Software. 30 day trial with prices starting at $49pm.

AutoAnnotate will let you annotate all your video at the same time.

Overlay.TV technology will place an interactive layer of clickable hotspots on top of video allowing your customers to shop directly from the video. Recommended for your videomaker e-commerce projects.




CipSyndicate is a video partner site which allows you to search and choose relevant video content for your site.

YouPHPTube will allow you to create your own video sharing site and will allows you to start your own Live Video Streaming Business. Recommended excellent free script.

Neuromixer is an excellent video mixer and offers DJs, musicians and VJs software solutions to bring live visuals onto the big screens.

EmbedPlus is a WordPress Video Embed plugin to help you easily customise a video, playlist, channel, gallery, or live stream.

ACMI Generator is a story board generator.

Venngage is a free infographics maker to create video infographics.

DVArchive allows your computer to act like a “Virtual ReplayTV”. You can download shows from your ReplayTV to burn to DVD/VCD.

Ttpito is an excellent tool for adding text over your video, great for your videomaker projects.




TinyTake is an excellent free screen capture and video recording software for Windows and Mac.

Video Whisper is a webcam site plugin and multifunctional live streaming software.

Rev is and online transcriptions, captions and translations service for video.

NoteView is a chrome extension that allows you to add notes inside YouTube videos!
FBLinker is a custom Facebook link tool.
ABCAVI is a video tag editor and allows you to view and edit in AVI files.
BakaTagger is a simple tool to set tags and covers of mp4 files.
Xander is a video time reversal software that also reverses sound.
Twitter Embed will allow embedded video and brings the best video content created on Twitter into your article or website in a video-optimized Tweet display.
RevShareTube is a video revenue sharing script.
Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials.
Open Broadcaster is a Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.
Video Generator is an online video generator for everyone.
Camtwist is an excellent live broadcasting software for Mac.
Embed Code is another embed code generator.
StreamHash have excellent video streaming scripts.
Vialogues is a community of learners using video to ignite discussion.
Amara makes it easy for anyone to caption and subtitle video.

Videomaker How to and Tutorial Sites


Larry Jordon has over 1,300 free step-by-step video editing tutorials on popular applications like FCP, Premiere Pro, and Motion.
Lynda is the biggest and most comprehensive video training library online, with 140+ deep-diving tutorials specifically on video editing topics. You will also find some free courses.
Wistia also have a stream of useful training and tutorials for video editors and producers.
Rocketstock have a great selection of After Effects tutorials from beginner to advanced.
Premium Beat also have a good selection mixed tutorials and how to’s for videomakers.
Red Giant have a large selection of free tutorials for videomakers.
Surface Studio have a large selection of free tutorials for Premier Pro, and After Effects.
SkillShare have hundreds of free video editing courses.
Video Copliot have some great beginner to advanced tutorials.
Premier Gal has Premier Pro Tutorials and Video Editing Tutorials for videomaker projects.
Creatitve Live have a great selection of Photography and Video classes.
WikiHow has some great video tutorials covering just about everything if you search.
YouTube of course is one of the best places to find just about any kind of tutorial you happen to be looking for.
Vimeo also have a massive selection of tutorials for every videomaker.
FilmmakerIQ have over 202 Free DIY video tutorials.
TechSmith also have a good selection of tutorials for your videomaker projects.
Pinterest Video Tutorials board is certainly worth checking out.
VideoBlocks has a very good selection of mixed tutorials for videomaker projects.
Media College has tutorials for Premier Pro, After Effects, Open Shot and more.
3DTutorials have some great tutorials for all the 3D software programs.
Electicteacher has a large selection of PowerPoint Tutorials if you use PowerPoint to create video.
NutsandBolts also have a very large selection of PowerPoint tutorials for videomaker projects.
HowCast also has some good videomaker editing tutorials.
Instructables is also worth checking out for creative videomaker tutorials.

For More Videomaker Resources & Tools click on the image below and join us on Facebook.

That brings us to the end of Part 2 of this Mega Videomaker Tools Box. Check Out Part One if you missed it. There are over 100 tools and resources above to help with your video projects. Be sure to download your Free PowerPoint templates by just sending me a request above and look out for Part three which will include:

  • Public Domain and Creative Commons Sites
  • Video Footage Sites
  • Video Sounds and Music
  • Photo and Image Sharing Sites

Plus I will be giving away a special Free Royalty Free Video Music Pack. So be sure to check back and grab your free downloads.

Can you add to this list? I would really like to know about any tools you think I should have added, so please leave your comments, it would be great to hear from you.

Please support DVEYE by sharing this post if you found it at all useful. You can find more Videomaker tools and content by following DVEYE on our social links.

Have a great day.

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