Video Search Engine Alternatives

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The Search for an Alternative Video Search Engine

Plus 20 Niche Video Search Engines and Sites

Video Search Engine alternatives have a tough job competing with the likes of YouTube. There are mountains of videos uploaded to the web every hour of the day. And if your searching for videos YT search engine is undoubtedly the first place you’re going to look. Because of it’s dominating presence with billions of daily views and high rankings, many other video search engines are based solely on the YouTube API and will only deliver YT videos. But there are alternatives that will return video searches from many other major video web sites.

Here are the top ranked Video search engines at the present time:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   and

Search Engine Alternatives

I have been looking for a video search engine my self. I need a Video Search Engine for an added feature on video based website project. So I went in search of a Video search engine script I could purchase or use for this website.

 I was looking for features such as, php based so it wouldn’t actually store the videos on the server. I also wanted it modeled on a bootstrap theme so it would be mobile friendly and responsive. The search engine needed to have a multiple search feature, which would pull in results from DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

 Obviously there are not any dedicated Facebook search Engines available at the moment. To search Facebook use the search toolbar and advanced features available. The only other ones that are available are hackers or black hat bots and crawlers that would more likely get you banned than the results you were looking for.

The first search engine alternative I looked at was Google’s custom search option Google Custom Search. This will let you add up to ten other sites, any more and the results will not return. The results are listed in blocks of ten and up to 100 only.

It has been said in the past that there is some bias going on with search results and Google and when searching for video the only results you seem to get are YouTube videos. But other large video sites do not even come close to the ranking of videos on YouTube and with Google controlling rankings on the Internet it isn’t surprising that results are dominated by YT videos.

Google’s custom search is better used for specific searches and you have the option to disable YT, so your search engine will return results for your specific query. You can also restrict pages from your search site list to only those that contain types.

You can add up to ten types to your Search Engine. When you add a node or schema type, all its children automatically get included, so you do not need to add them again. For example, if you added Creative Work, you would not need to add Books, Image, etc. separately. This can get a little confusing but if your setting up a search specific engine then you’ll need to know which schema types to use.

There are so many search engines available that rely solely on YouTube and many of the search engines for sale also only use the YouTube API. I did manage to uncover several search engines that don’t use YT and you’ll find them listed below. The first search engines here are YT specific and offer some good options for Youtubers.

YouTube Video Search Engine Specific

Vidfolio is a very quick YouTube playlist creator. Just type in your search query and choose which videos you want in your playlist. You can drag the videos over the page and drop them under your list heading. Vidfolio is a very quick way to create a playlist that can be shared.

Vidfolio Playlist Builder


Yvoschaap is also a YouTube playlist creator, which is very useful but once again only for the dedicated YouTube users. The best thing about Yvoschaap is that you can get your own YouTube APi and add it to the search code which can then be copied and embed on your web site or blog.

Video Playlist is another Video search engine that will also let you create playlists and save for sharing. With Video playlist you are able to save your lists and share or embed on your blogs.

Best of Youtube will let you search through the very best YouTube Videos.

A very useful YouTube Comments search Engine and related Video.

Unlisted Videos Search through Unlisted YouTube Videos.

Tubefilter is a YouTube Trending site that filters the best trending videos into charts and stories.

PHP Video Search Engine is an advanced video search engine based on YouTube’s Search API. It will also play the video results in the page.

YouTube Video Search Engine


Light Box Video Wall is a YouTube search engine that automatically returns your query in the form of thumbnails in a light box video wall.

Instant Video Gallery will search YouTube by Keyword, User, Playlist, Favorites and likes. It will then return your query super fast in a responsive Video Wall.

Motion Picker is a very powerful Chrome app that will let you build playlist very quickly. It also has a selection of filters to narrow down your searches.

Create Awesome Videos in Minutes!

Multiple Video Search Engine Options

Multiz is a video search engine giving you the option to choose which video site you wish to search. Multiz video search engine only links you to the other video sites and doesn’t show results on page.

Streamica is an all in one video search engine that will return results from YouTube, DailyMotion, Social Networks, News, Blogs, Pictures and more. They also say that the search engine will learn what you like when leaving comments on videos.

Video Search XL is multiple video search engine that will search YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Share your search on social media and add comments.

Video Search XL is a free multiple video search engine that indexes millions of online videos from all across the web!

Moving Image Archive has a huge collection of free searchable movies, films and video.

Huzzaz is a fabulous all in one multiple video search engine. Here you can search for videos from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. You can also create playlists to share on social media. They have also introduced a video player that you can customize for embedding on your web sites or blogs.

Stumbleupon is also a great place to video search. Set your preferences and results will be returned from many multiple video sources.

Zeekly is a Multiple Video and image search engine. Here you can find channels, Groups and collections.

Tubesurf will search YouTube, MySpace Videos, Google Video, and Yahoo! Video.

Easy Video Fetcher is a simple php class that analyzes the URL and fetches the embed code of the video along with its important info. Plus, it analyzes and replaces all links with a video in place of text. Supported sites include YouTube, Dailymotion, Hulu, Blip, Break, Metacafe and many others. You can also purchase the script over on Envato.

Yandex is another video search engine that helps you find the video you’re looking for by organizing the most popular videos depending on their category.

Video Search Ultimate SEO is an advanced Video SEO WordPress plugin. It automatically fetches video seo details from videos of all major video hosting providers, youtube , vimeo , dailymotion , metacafe , , veoh , wistia , viddler , vzaar , screenr and more.

This is a great add on for Firefox that will let you ad multiple web sites and search engines to search straight from your browser.

20 Video Search is a multiple Video Search engine searches include, Bing, Hulu, Dailymotion, Metacafe and of course YouTube.

Video Search boasts the most video searches possible on one page.

Addictomatic will let you search multiple websites you can save and change how ever you want. A great way to search for Videos.


Addict-o-matic Video Search


Clipblast is a powerful multiple video search engine. Clipblast will let you build playlists, favorite lists, liked lists and much more.

Instya will search multiple search engines, shopping sites, dictionaries, answer sites, news, images, videos and much more with just a click.

Besttubesites is a multiple video search engine that says it can search 25 video sites. Besttubesites is a Google custom search engine.

MyVidster is a social video sharing and bookmarking site that lets you collect and share your favorite videos you find on the web. Search through collections and follow other members.

Blinkx Search through Videos from MySpace, YouTube, MetaCafe, Buzzfeed and many more.

Vidinterest is a new Video curators web site. Create Video list and search through curated lists of video uploaded by its members.

VidTab is also a new Video Curators web site. Search through lists of curated videos. Create your own Video lists and there is also an ads revenue share program so you can earn from your video list.

VidTab Video Lists Builders


20 Niche Video Search Engines & Sites

Reddit is still one of the best places to discover and search for new videos uploaded by members.

Vidfind is a customized video search engine for finding movies online.

Refseek Education Videos, multimedia, visual art search engine and much more.

Yidio is a universal search engine for discovering any TV or Movie online.

Productvid will let you Upload and/or watch video reviews of products.

Vidipedia will search, Geography, Science, History, Culture and Technology Videos.

At Collegehumor you can Search through humorous funny videos.

LiveLeak have all the latest news stories from around the world.

Showmedo offer free tutorial videos from computing to cooking supported by user submissions.

Search for creative commons videos.

At Mefeedia discover new TV shows, channels, movies and Videos from some of the largest video sites on the web.

Thatshow search how to Videos in many categories.

Mediacollege is a free resource website providing tutorials and reference material for video, television, audio, internet and general electronic media.

Free Speech TV is an independent, 24-hour television network and multi-platform digital news source with news, stories and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.

Video music monster allows you to quickly search, create, save and modify your lists.



With clipsyndicate you can search for relevant clips that can be embedded on your web site or blog.

PBS provides searchable multiple online archives of specific video programs.

Bannedstuff will search banned Funny Videos, Animal Videos, Sports Videos, commercials and more.

EbizMba is a top list search site including many video sites.

Openwhyd Search for Music Videos.


Video Search Engine Conclusion

There are of course hundreds more search engines and sites available to search for videos and each have there own values. With many search engines you only have to type: /video, at the end to return video results.

Bing is a great video search option that will not only result in YouTube videos. But will return results from many other major video sites.

AOL video search also searches multiple video sites with results from all major sites not just YT.

DogPile is a very popular alternative search engine. Dogpile’s meta search technology provides results that are relevant and quick.

Duckduckgo is my favorite search engine. It has some great options including, instant answers, themes and bangs, plus it does not track your searching.

I will be updating this post from time to time as I uncover more places to find videos. Please leave your thoughts behind or any niche video sites you care to add. May your search be a search for Excellence.




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