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Free Traffic Methods and Sources

What are your secret traffic sources? How do you get more traffic to your Videos, Websites and Blogs? This post will look at traffic sources and methods of creating traffic, to get more views and subscribers to your links, videos, lead pages and sites. Plus you can download the Video Submission Sites free report with a share at the bottom of the page.

There really is no magic formula or push button secret. It is a process of trial and error and the traffic will start to come to your work, so perseverance is certainly needed. Some people are better at finding and driving traffic than others. People who work in marketing or social media experts tend to have more success. Creating a highly efficient, traffic pumping funnel that drive clicks and views to your lead pages is a key to success, but this is something that is not easy to create. There are fortunately many other ways to drive traffic and create a fan base that will keep coming back.



Types of Traffic Sources 


Organic Traffic or Search Engine Traffic: This comes directly from search engines like Google or Bing etc. This can also include paid traffic such as pay per click advertising and contextual advertising which includes targeted traffic from the search engines ad systems.

Direct Traffic: This refers to traffic that comes directly to your website, from a bookmark link in someone’s browser, or directly typing your web address into the browser. Direct traffic comes directly from your web URL link to your site.

Referral Traffic: Links from other websites, social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and Affiliate Networks are examples of Referral Traffic. When someone clicks on a hyperlink to go to a new page on a different website, Analytics tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site.

Email Marketing Traffic: This is typically measured as traffic that comes directly from email marketing campaigns you have launched.

Other types of traffic include, incentive traffic for completing a certain action. Targeted advertising through media networks. Adult traffic acquired on webpages with 18+ content. Banner ads, pop-ups, teaser networks, doorway traffic, pop-under and click-under ads. Newsletter advertising, e-book sharing, document sharing, SMS text messaging, back links, promotion, offline, word of mouth and spam.


I would recommend you download this Free Cheat Sheet from Market Samurai, they have been in the SEO business for many years and if anyone knows how to drive traffic it’s these guys.

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The main form of traffic is of course, on page and off page SEO. The most obvious forms of traffic sources are the top ranked social media sites. These are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkeden, Google+, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleuponTumblr and VK. Creating accounts with these sites and establishing your own pages and groups is essential for driving traffic. Offer great content, that has some form of value to your members, be consistent and you should see traffic almost instantly.



This is a common method I use frequently to drive traffic. First of all you need some form of giveaway or original content. If you have something you created, that’s even better. You will get more respect as a content creator then offering some PLR e-book you downloaded online. Use Canva and create some stunning graphics optimized for social media. You should also add your retargeting pixel, which you can download the, here: Facebook retargeting Pixel.

Make sure your landing page, website, blog page, or where ever you are sending people to, is well prepared and SEO optimized with your keywords. Your feature box or optin form should be ready to grab the attention of your traffic. Check all your links are working correctly by testing them out yourself.  If you were sent to your link would you optin or click the download button?


SocialMonkee is a proven link building solution that has already helped thousands, to not only build backlinks to their pages, but also boost their existing backlinks.

You can easily build backlinks
to your pages, and pass on the link juice to your own pages.

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Now prepare your graphic with your keywords for a paid Facebook Ad. Even a $5 ad on Facebook has the potential of reaching over 20,000 -30,000 people and it is fairly straight forward to set up. You can also create a targeted audience depending on your product or niche. Also consider running the same or tweaked ad on Twitter and Instagram.

Now create a fully, SEO optimized video centered around your keywords. This should be optimized for sharing on YouTube, Facebook and other video media platforms. Check out this post for Video SEO Tools. Your video can now be driving traffic and generating leads by promoting your campaign or offer. Check out this post on how to create a video without a camera or footage.

Promote your campaign graphic and video in related groups and forums. Visit Linkedin, Quora, Warrior Forum, Google+ Groups and communities. See this post for a list of Groups on Facebook and Google+.  Search for related topics and answer questions with your informed answers and links. Share your links, including your landing page links to high ranking bookmark sites, such as Pocket , Scoopit, Listly , Pinterest , and broadcast your RSS feeds in Feedly, Inoreader and Feedspot. And of course email your list if you have one. You should also pin your offer to the top of your social media pages, the more buzz you create the more traffic you get.

Even with this simple method you will see some amazing results. Use SEO tools to optimise and track your links. Check out this post for a large list of Free SEO tools. Your ads must be well thought out, and your content must offer your readers and viewers some form of value. This method is pretty basic and it can be expanded and tweaked in many ways but it outlines what needs to be done if you are looking to drive traffic.



This method involves providing your visitors with free products that are relevant to them and in your niche. You must have giveaway rights or rights to share for the products you are going to giveaway.

You can add a section or an updated post to your website or blog, where you will offer freebies to your visitors. This can be every week, month or every few months, up to you. You will need to add a new product every week, or month that your visitors will be able to download.
Before your visitors can download the freebie products, a payment is required. The payment will not be in the form of cash or anything financially related. This will involve taking advantage of the social locker tools that are available for free online.

The tool gives your visitors the opportunity to download your weekly or monthly giveaways for free, by paying with a Facebook post or a Tweet. This method can be annoying for some but is proven to work. Find a site that offers social unlock tools, with social payment buttons and you can also download WordPress social locker plugins.


Free Website Visitors




Free classified adds sites are a good traffic source. Search for “Free Classified Sites” or “Online Classified Sites” or “Submit Free Ads” Advertise your website or blog in the appropriate categories at these sites. Craigslist is the largest and most popular free classified site and there are many more that will let you post ads for free.

You can also try posting your ads in the most populated cities in the world. Be careful with this though as you will get your add deleted if it is flagged as spam. Offer a free download in your ads or none spammy click bait to attract customers to your site or offers and if it is allowed leave your short link in your signature.

Top Free Classified Ads Sites:

Craigslist one of the largest free classified sites.

Gumtree is owned by E-Bay.

Kijiji is a large classified site also owned by E-Bay I believe.

Backpage is huge Dutch owned free classified site.

AdlandPro  is a popular free classified and internet marketers site.

ClassifiedAds is a large free ads site.



Online Question and Answer sites have a high volume of traffic with Quora currently getting an amazing 80 million monthly unique visitors. Visit Quora and establish yourself as a member and an authority in your niche by answering related topic questions. You can also set up a blog within Quora that will also let you add your links.

Search for highly viewed questions and build up your reputation, this way you will soon be receiving requests to answer questions about your chosen niche. You are not restricted to one niche and you can add as many interests as you wish. These will be the areas in which you will be asked questions once you have established yourself.

The trick with Question and Answer sites is to answer a related questions in your niche, with quality links that genuinely help whilst also adding your links as a solution. Now go to the other Question and Answer sites and post a referral link to your previous answer.

Top Question and Answer Sites:

Yahoo Answers is one of the largest QandA sites.

Answers is another popular QandA site.

StackOverflow is a large QandA for programmers,

WikiHow another massive QandA site.

AnswerBag is a large QandA site.

Blurtit is a social QandA site.

Fluther is a community based QandA site.

VideoProduction Stack Exchange QandA.


Traffic Tips Playlist



Forums are a great way to attract traffic and drop your links. The same rules as method 4 with question and answer sites apply to forum posting. You will need to build up your authority and gain other members votes and likes and reps before gaining a following. Look for posts with high ranking and a large number of views to add your link to. A good thing to remember when you visiting the forums is that you are also going to uncover some great tips and new content yourself. There are thousands of huge forums to uncover so here are some forum search sites.

Top Forum Search Sites:

BoardReader is an excellent place to search for forums.

Find a Forum has been active for many years now and currently has well over 1000 forums listed.

Pro Board is a Forum Search Directory

Board Directory is a Forum Search Directory


Top Do Follow Highest Ranking Forums that will let you leave a signature. 

V7N Webmaster Forums.

SiteOwners for Web Masters and Website Owners.

CNet Forums.

Search Engine Watch Forums.

Joomla Forums.

Digital Point Marketing Forum.

Warrior Forum Internet Marketing Forum.

SitePoint Code and Scripts Forum.

ShoutMeLoud Forum

DeviantArt Forum

FileSharingTalk File Sharing Forum.

Kingged is a large internet marketing forum.

GrowthHackers is a large growing community forum.

WebMasterSun is another large Internet Marketing forum.

IMtalk is a large Internet marketing forum.



RSS submission sites and feeders are a great way to get extra traffic. You can get your YouTube channel RSS feed by following these steps:


  1. Go to the YoTube Channel
  2. Right Click and go to Page Source
  3. Search for the word channel-external-id
  4. Copy the value that looks like this:  UCBcRF18a7Qh55cCRy5xuWwQ
  5. Replace the value in the following url as channel_id
  6. full youtube url/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=CopyCodeHere

Now submit your YouTube Channel to RSS submission sites along with your other links.

Top RSS Submission Sites and Directories:

FeedAge is a feed directory and Submission site.

RSSMicro is a RSS search engine.

RSSNetwork is a simple Submit tool.

FeedShark Submission site.

FeedListing is a submission and listing site

Plazoo is a large directory and submission.

Feedsee is a simple submission site.

Chordata is a submission site and more.

Redtram is a submission and link exchange site.

RssTop10 is a directory.

FeedBurner popular Google submission site.

RSSfeeds is a directory.

Wingee is a large directory.

FeedStar is a large directory.


Here is another recommended service for creating a massive flow of traffic. This will guarantee you more views, more traffic and hopefully if your content is of value to your customers, more sales. Video Marketing Group, come very highly recommended and have many niches on offer.



Other Practices for Driving Traffic

  • Spend some time researching your target audience and make sure that all your efforts are targeted at these customers. Use keywords that define your potential customers in all your campaigns. If you use adverts on Facebook, Twitter or Google specify your targeted audience. Your blog posts and articles that promote your offer or website must also contain the keywords for your target audience and niche.
  • List your links with the high ranking search engines and directories. Add them to categories related to your niche. Use sites such as Attracta and Entireweb for link submissions. People searching for specific information related to your niche will now be able to find your website, blog or video.
  • Search for related comments in your niche. Go to Google and type: “Blogger, your niche, comments” or WordPress, your niche, comments. Now look for comment sections that will allow you to leave links.
  • Post engaging comments in relevant forums and online groups. Be consistent and offer helpful links to other members. Get to know your potential, audience and customers and become an authority in your niche. You can then go to these relevant forums or online groups and advertise your offers by adding your website URL in your signature when you make posts. People in forums that are related to your niche are your target audience, so get to know them.

LinkCollider - Free SEO Tools Plus Social Media Sharing


  • Create articles from your posts that include several of your keywords. These documents are another way of creating back links to your pages. Offer your documents or articles to e-zines and publishing platforms such as Issuu. You can also share these documents with document sharing sites, such as SlideShare, and Google Docs.
  • Use some of the many available SEO tools to research your keywords. Optimize your campaigns and track your links. Scale up and tweak links that are performing or not performing well. See this post for more SEO Tools.
  • Create and use optimized Video that will engage your audience. You can share your video on media platforms and use currently available video marketing tools to increase views. Download the DVEYE Video Submission Sites Super List free report for hundreds of places to share and embed your video. See this post for a list of YouTube and Video Marketing tools.
  • Search for other sites, pages and blogs that your target audience would visit. Use blog search tools and directories, some are listed below. I recommend using SimilarWeb or SimilarPages or Moreofit to find sites in your niche. Install their chrome plugins to find any similar sites to the one your browsing. Use alerts and notifications on trending sites such Google Trends and Buzzsumo as Search for their comment sections and links to other forums and pages, this is a good way to find more of your targeted audience.
  • Use Social Bookmarking to increase ranking. Social Media Search tools will help you find posts on Facebook and Twitter. Like and reply to posts in groups and pages with the help of social media tools. Use Social Mention or Social Searcher  or Social Seeker to find related posts in your niche. Another great tool with a very good free plan is Webhose which will give you structured data from millions of sources.

Submit your content Every Day to 25 social bookmarking sites, all on unique C class IPs... FREE.


Recommended Traffic Resources:

Top Back Link Tools:

Freelinks is a place to leave your links.

FreeWebSubmission is a free URL submission site.

FreeWebsiteLinks is a link creator.

FreeBacklinkCreator has several backlink tools.

SmallSEOTools has a backlink maker.

DropMyLinks is a keyword search engine that will find places to leave your link.

LinkMitter is a paid link submitter.

RubyWeb is a link builder.


Top Blog Search Tools:

GoogleBlogSearch Beta.

Addyourblog is a bloggers directory.

Rbloggers is a blog submission and directory.

Blogsping will ping your blog.

Blogarama is a large blog directory.

BlogSearch is an excellent blog search site.

Bloggingfusion is a large search directory and submission site.

Blogcatalog is a directory and collaboration site.

Readablog is a simple blog search.

Top Ping Sites:

High Authority Ping Submission sites will index your blog or website quickly to search engines. Pings will inform search engines that your blog or website has been updated and is a common powerful method for indexing your sites quickly.

PingoMatic is a very popular tool.

PinkMyLink another popular tool.

Pingoat is another submission tool.

Pingler submission tool.

PingMyBlog will ping your blog.

Twingly is a ping submission tool.


Other Recommended Places to Visit to find great ideas for traffic. 

Top 400+ Free Social Bookmarking Sites.

Top 400 Top Tips

Top 1000 Web Directory Lists.

Top 10 Biggest Internet Communities



The methods and tools outlined above can certainly help you generate traffic to your sites and links. And there are so many more it is almost impossible to list them all. The tick is to find formulas that work for you and once you find winning formulas you can scale them up and repeat.  If you are looking to increase your conversion rates and sales, then focus more on your targeted visitors and potential customers.

Leave your details below or you can share above to download the Video Submissions Free Report. Thanks for reading and please leave your feedback and thoughts below, I would love to hear from you.

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