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Video Curation

What is Video Curation? With the growing mountains of online video, curation is the skill of gathering all the best videos into niche or categorised playlists for distribution to channel networks and fans.

Why become a Video Curator? With your focused niche playlist you’re now in a position to distribute to your network of fans, publish the playlist on your video channel or create a niche video blog.

How do you become a video curator? Sign up for an account with a popular Video website and begin creating playlists. It’s that simple and your playlists will just keep growing plus you’ll soon discover ways to monetize your playlists and legally earn money from other people’s videos.

Social media is probably the best place to find trending Video’s. Discovery search engines will soon be introduced to Facebook and Twitter has introduced Videogram a high profile video discovery tool. The top Video search engines right now are YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Bing but there are plenty of other sources to try if you’re looking for niche videos.

Lookout for the latest videos to go viral. The only way to do this is to bookmark your favourite video sites and keep your eye on the latest video trending sites. Watch for quick movers and high hitters on these sites and build your video playlists with videos that have a high number of viewers.

Create a sub-domain for your videos such as or and have a video category on your site for people to navigate to. It’s good practice to use tags with your videos to make them searchable and use keywords in your descriptions.

Giving people the option to submit videos to your lists will also encourage user engagement. A comments section and sharing option will also help with feedback for your videos. If you’re posting to other blogs remember to leave back links to the original and your related info.


Good places to start your search:

The Best of Youtube, with voted up and down videos ranging from trending now to the year. You can also submit your own videos on signup.

BuzzSumo, is a great place to research current trending and most shared video content.

PopScreen has categorized video channels that are scored through influencers and given a PopChart position determined by members.

Reddit Video has for long time been a source for trending videos shared over the web. Reddits Video community has now been running for over seven years and is the birthplace of viral video with a huge user base.

VideoSift is one of our favourites with trending now, just published, upcoming and rising videos. Join their community to share videos, vote and comment on their lively discussion boards.

Vidme is a new community of video sharers. You’ll find a thriving community who vote the best videos to the top. You can also upload videos without an account and earn money with Vidme.

Devour has a collection of highly viewed curated videos with categorized channels.

Vimeo has a very large community and some of the best new videos and films you’ll find anywhere on the web. Visit Staff Picks for the best of Vimeo.


Others to try:

BuzzFeed top favoured viral videos.

Wimp family friendly viral videos.

TubeFilter most shared filtered videos.

ClipOfTheDay viral video clips.


What are your curation top tips?

Please leave your thoughts and thanks for reading.

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