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Social Video Tools Free Instagram Story Templates

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Social Video Tools and Templates

Plus Free Instagram Story Video Templates


Video is dominating social media. Social video has now grown to be the most popular and widespread content on the social media platforms.

Thanks to some very easy and free video creation tools, it is not difficult to make audience-engaging videos for your social channels.

With so many social media sites, it has become a little tricky to keep up to date with all the different video formats. This post will list 10 of the best social video cheat sheets and some of the best social video tools for converting, resizing and creating your videos for your social media video posts. If you missed the DVEYE Video Graphics post you can also download Free Facebook Cover Video Templates.



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Instagram #video now takes up 35% of the staggering 800 million monthly users. Instagram has always been a selfie, social network, with photos generating 35% more interest than video. But the popularity of video has grown by 40% recently, with the Instagram stories feature gaining over 100 million daily users.

Instagram is not the easiest of platforms to post video to. Your video will have to meet the specified formats and your YouTube video will not upload to Instagram with out converting it first. With this in mind DVEYE has created 14 Instagram Story Video Templates, Sign up for the DVEYE monthly MailChimp email and download for free!




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HubSpot have a great social video cheat sheet PDF free download. The cheat sheet includes video specs for all the major social media sites.

Animoto also offer a social video cheat sheet that covers simple notes on how to optimise your videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Email required.

SproutSocial offer a very good comprehensive guide to social video specs.

Animatron  off a simple but comprehensive, cheat sheet guide to social media video ads specs.

SocialPilot offer the complete social media video cheat sheet. This is a great guide covering 360 video posts, video ads for all the major sites including SnapChat, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

SocialMediaToday offer a cheat sheet covering social video and image sizes.

Dissolve also offer a social media video cheat sheet, including Vimeo.

Adweek offer a cheat sheet video reference guide.

SoloPrPro offer a social video cheat sheet infographic for images and video.

WordTracker also offer a very good social media, video and images 2018 guide. The infographic covers all the major social media sites including Tumbir, Snapchat, Linkedin and more.



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Each social network comes with its own formats, specifications, guidelines and audiences. Here are several tips to help you create better social videos.

  • Create a video from a blog or web site post that is performing well. This means your video will then also have a good chance of performing well on social media.

  • Highlights and Information from your posts can be optimized into a one-minute graphics format or slides video. 

  • Quickly tell a single story in 30 seconds or a minute. Focus in on one highlight from the content you are using.

  • Your video can be created in, portraits, landscape, vertical, square, and full screen. This depends on the type of video you’re creating and where it will be published and shared. Horizontal video is still the leading format on social media but square video has been rising in polarity and can be displayed well on all screen sizes.

  • Select specific colours and icons that will be easily associated with your brand or image.

  • Create a template that can be easily optimized for viewing specifically for each social network.

  • You can now use your template with some online social video editors, or edit yourself in your favourite editor.

  • Create engaging videos with video graphics and visuals.

  • Repurposed and optimise your video for different platforms and target your focused groups on social media.

  • Measure your videos performance on the different social channels and improve your template for your next video post.









Online Converter will convert your video to Instagram format for free, then save to Google drive or dropbox.

VideoTweeter will help you create spin and upload to Twitter. Video Tweeter is a marketing tool with some great features.

EmbedSocial will help you embed your Instagram stories on your blog or website plus many other features.

Sharree is a good place to share your YouTube and social videos.

Kapwing is an excellent online tool that will help you resize any video to fit Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook in just three clicks.

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Compressify will optimise your video files online.

Bannersnack will help you create Facebook video ads quickly and easily.

MakerMoon will help you create Facebook video covers and posts.

MakerMoon also has an excellent online video quote maker.

Typito is also great for creating social video.

SaveClipBro will download and convert YouTube videos for Facebook, Instagram and more.

Visme is a site that will help you create Video templates , presentations and social media graphics.

VideoMark have a Free Vertical video template for Premier Pro. This template can be used with Snapchat and Instagram stories.

PowerPoint is a great tool to create social video with. You can set your theme size to the video specifications, import your video and add graphics.

Rocketium is a social video maker that will help you create square and portrait style videos.

BigVu is another online editor that will help you create social videos.

Animaker is a great tool to create social video with horizontal and vertical templates.

MotionDen is an online social video creator.

Biteable have all the templates you need to create videos for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Renderforest is another great tool to create social videos. Find out more about Renderforest in this review post here on DVEYE.

Rawshorts also has social video templates for their online editor.

AnimatronWave is an easy to use online video maker for creating social videos.

AdobeSpark is also a great free tool to create animated graphics and social videos.


For more video tools for creating videos for social media check out this post with online video graphics tools. You can also find more editors to create social videos in our 80 animation and creation tools post.

For more converters see this list of the best video converters for your social video projects and campaigns. For more tools for creating videos see the DVEYE video toolbox with over 500 tools listed.

There are also many apps available now that will let you create videos for social platforms. For the best apps for Android and iPhone see this Best Apps post here on DVEYE.



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I would really like to know of anymore Social Video tools that I have missed, so please leave your comments below. Let DVEYE know if there are any video templates you would like us to create and we’ll do our best to included them in a future post.

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