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Premiere Pro Best Free Templates & Plugins

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The Best Free Premiere Pro Resources

Templates, Transitions, Presets & Plugins


Adobe Premiere Pro has been around for a long time. It is a mid range, none linear video editor, with a clean and user friendly interface. Premiere has a fairly short learning curve compared to other video editors, which makes it very popular with professionals and enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Premiere Pro has a good range of editing tools, transitions, special effects, audio features, filters, titles and much more. Premiere is capable of producing high quality broadcast quality and high definition video. It can be used to create, short films, feature length films, documentaries, music videos, youtube videos, etc.

Below you’ll find over 50 free tools including¬†Templates, Transitions, Presets and Plugins. You can also find 16 more video templates including free Premiere Pro templates on this DVEYE post. Part two of this post, with 18 free video templates can be found here.



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Free Premiere Pro Templates

Including Titles and Transitions


Premiere Pro Templates have a very large collection of free templates.

Motion Array have a large selection of free Premiere Pro Templates.

Motion Mile also have a good selection of free Premiere Pro Templates, sign up with Motion Mile to access up 181 free templates.

StudioBinder have a great lower thirds template collection.

Kyler Holland has an excellent selection of free and paid Premiere Pro templates.

FXFactory have a swish transitions.

FilmImpact have transition packs you can demo for free.

Orange83 have a very good selection of free Premiere Pro templates, including: titles, transitions and overlays.

MotionElements have free logo and title templates for Premiere Pro.

Shareae have a large selection of free Premiere Pro Templates.






Premiere Pro has a free Comic Book 3D Premiere Pro project file you can download.

Cinecom have a great selection of free templates including, super titles and presets.

BestProAction have a good selection of free Premiere Pro templates and projects including, 3D frame animation project file, logos, titles and more.

FluxVFX have free motion graphics Premiere Pro Templates.

DCDesigns have a free social media intro template for Premiere Pro.

Richard Harrington has free Premiere Pro templates to download.

Premiere Pro also have a collection of free titles templates.

Orange83 have a pack of 10 smooth transitions.

Kyler Holland has a 25 exposure transitions pack for Premier Pro.


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RocketStock have a cinematic titles library pack for Premiere Pro.

Style4Type have free Premiere Pro templates, including titles and textures.

MakeYourMedia have a free animated titles pack.

ProVideo Coalition also have a great free Premiere Pro lower thirds template.

FilterGrade have an excellent free cinematic LUT pack.

Cinema5D have a free 10 titles sequences pack.

Austin Newman has super eight film grain overlays.

Irshad has an excellent free modern animated titles pack for Premiere Pro.

PremierPro has a selection of motion graphics templates and much more if you search the site.

4Shared search 4shared and you will also find various templates, transitions and presets.

Vimeo have free Premiere Pro templates to search through.




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Free Premiere Pro Templates

Presets and Plugins


Studio1Productions have 56 Presets for Premiere Pro.

MotionArray have 7 unique film roll preset transitions.

ToolFarm have a great free Audio plugin for Premiere Pro.

Ignite Express have 90 free plugins that can be used with Premiere Pro.

PremierePro have DeadPool hand held camera presets for Premiere Pro.



FXFactory have a great pan and zoom plugin for making photo animation.

FXFactory the complete list of free plugins including, transitions, wipes, filters and more.

BJKProductions have a selection of great presets & plugins including, excellent transitions, colour grading, 10 camera movement presets and more.

Premiumbeat have 15 camera shake presets for Premiere Pro.

BJKProductions also have 15 excellent text animation presets.

Vegasaur have a great selection of presets including 3D transitions, particles, light leaks and more.

AndyMees has several free presets available.

FilmakerSpot have a list of free plugins, audio plugins, filters and more.

CoreMelt have 10 free plugins pack for Premiere Pro.

Creative Impatience have a selection of free plugins and scripts.

AtomicImageLabs have several great great plugins including Atomic Stretch and Photon Rectify.



PremierePro have 5 free titles and templates in presets.

DigitalFilms have an excellent speed colour grading presets pack.

VashiVisuals has 12 free audio presets.

Creative Impatience full list of free presets.

MediaMonopoly have an excellent free Premier Pro video starter pack. This includes, presets, LUT’s, green screen clips and overlays.

BorisFX have a superb VR Plugin unit you can use with Premiere Pro.

Orange83 have a great call outs titles presets pack.




Premiere Pro Groups

FaceBook and Google + Groups


Facebook Groups

Premiere Pro Facebook Users is one of the largest groups with over 19K members.

Moving To Premiere Pro is another large group with over 15K members.

Premiere Pro User Group has over 3K members.

Beginners Group is another large Premiere Pro group.

Learning and Editing is another Premiere Pro group.

Getting Started is a Premiere Pro beginners group.

Premiere Pro Editors is a large active group.

Premiere Users is a another group.

Premiere Pro Forum is an active group.

Premiere Pro Tips is another active group.


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Google + Communities

Premiere Pro and After Effects users is a large active community with over 4K members.

Premiere Pro users is another large community with over 3K members.

Adobe Premiere Pro is another user community.

After Effects and Premiere Pro is another community.

Pro Action is a Premiere Pro tips community.

Premiere Pro Templates has some great posts.

Best Premiere Pro templates also has some good posts.

Premiere Pro Tips & Tricks is worth following with some good posts.

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials has some great tips and tutorial videos.

Premiere Pro Timeline is also a great collection to follow.

Adobe Premiere has several templates and tutorials.

Premiere Pro has a collection of several tutorials.

Premiere Pro Tutorials has a good collection of tutorials.


You can find many tutorials on the web just by searching. No Film School have 69 free tutorials. Bittbox have 21 free tutorials. This free course is also worth checking out and you can also free download the whole thing. And one of the best places to find tutorials is Creative Cow. Finally for a huge amount of Premiere Pro Templates and Tutorials search Pinterest.

There are also many tutorial playlist  available and the best ones can be found on YouTube. This playlist has 170 free Premiere Pro tutorials. This playlist has 50 great tutorials. This is another great tutorials playlist for beginners.

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