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Interactive Video Is The Way Forward

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30 Interactive Video Tools


HTML5 has given rise to interactive Video. Now when you embed a player into your Blog or Website it is no linger just a player with start, pause, forward, back, stop and different coloured skin options. With interactive Video and HTML5 you are now able to add a whole host of other features and it is the next evolution in Video editing and authoring.

If you wish your viewers to engage with your business or take you up on your offer, then interactive Video platforms provide this opportunity. You can easily add overlays, buttons, graphics, videos, questions, quizzes, text and more. All of which can link to your other websites, blogs, landing pages, promotions and offers. This gives your viewer a much better experience whilst watching your video. They are able to find extra information, answer questions, take quizzes, read pop up text and images, all of these add an immersive, interactive experience for the viewer. They will now be fully engaged with your video instead of clicking away from your content as soon as they’ve seen enough or lost interest.

More interactive online video platforms are appearing every week on the web. Many of these platforms have also added social sharing.  You can now see why they are becoming a very powerful tool for producers and marketers. The benefits for businesses and educators are also huge as they also lend themselves to learning. Imagine showing an interactive video at a conference, business meeting, in a classroom or product trade show. Viewers are able to interact with your Video thus engaging them with your business.

This is the first generation of interactive video platforms using HTML5 players  and already there are many available with unique options. Many platforms lend themselves or are specific to learning and education. A Teacher is able to grab the link of a video from YouTube, Vimeo, MetCafe and other top sites. He or she can then add questions, quizzes, pictures and text or even some kind of game to engage the students in a video flipped classroom. Most of the interactive learner apps also have sharing options and although they are promoted as learning tools they are not strictly just for education, so it is possible to create an interactive Video of your choice.

Of course the Marketers out there are already using these tools. With every link possible taking you to some kind of offer, sometimes without you even knowing :). So there are also many of these interactive Video tools, HTML5 players, packaged up and touted as the next marketing boom product. But if you know where to look, HTML5 players are readily available to buy and if you have a unique idea for using one then it’s quite possible to box it up and sell it as your very own product.



Over the last few months I have been trying out some of these players and interactive platforms. Below is a collection of platforms I have visited or tried out, generally for my own interests. As they are becoming more popular here’s a quick look at what you can expect.

30 Interactive Video Tools & Platforms

StoryGami offers a way for your viewers to interact with your videos. It’s a good place to start if your new to interactive video authoring. Start by choosing a theme then import a video from a URL. You can then add galleries, articles, feeds, buttons and more. Sorygami also have tracking and analytics. Their free plan and Lite version has standard features with basic analytics and unlimited views. You can import from YouTube and Vimeo plus you get chat support. Working in Sorygami is straight forward, you drag and drop elements below your video and fill in the details. This creates a button on your video or in your menu. It’s very quick and you can have your video ready in minutes.

Storygami Screen shot and a first visit Video I made with their platform:

interactive video

VidPath is another platform I have been using and it is very similar to Storygami. Create links in the side bar and complete the details. Vidpath is also very user friendly and quick to set up. The free plan is very good with all functions available. If you wish to edit the screen, view and layout you will need to upgrade to their pro account.

Here’s the screen shot of their editor.

VidPath Interactive


H5P is one of the best platforms I’ve used to create content. This platform has a great selection of tools which includes Interactive Video, games, hotspots, feeds, presentations and whole host of other tools.  H5P makes it easy to create rich HTML5 interactive content that you can share and add to any H5P capable sites. Plus h5p is a completely free and open technology and one of my top recommendations for creating interactive content.

Here is the H5P screen shot of their editor:

Interactive Video
H5P Interactive Video


ZestApps. With their free player download you can customise your video player and its functionality. This player works with any video, works on any devise and lets you share on all major social medias. But the best thing about ZestApps is that it is Unbranded, which is a major plus. It has an integrated opt-in which lets you add an auto-responder from any of the e-mail services like, Benchmark, GetResponse, Aweber etc. ZestPlayer is another tool that is Completely Free to download and use for as long as you want.

Rapt Media Composer is a cloud-based creative tool and editing suite. Tell stories any way you want by connecting your video to other videos, to web content, and back again to the video. Rapt Media use interactive layers over your video content so with any part of the video you can launch other media, open a webpage, trigger an event or jump to other media. The possibilities are endless with this great platform and they offer a free trial which I intend to take them up on very soon. Of all the platforms I’ve checked out Rapt Media is the one that I’m pretty excited about using. Before using a free trial like this it is always preferable to have your work planned out in advance.

With Interlude you can start a TreeHouse project for free. Use their self authoring HTML5 web app to create your interactive Video. There are no limits to the number of projects you make or to the length of your videos. Track your performance and integrate into your blog, website and social channels. At first look the platform seems a little complicated but you will need to spend time creating your interactive content as it’s not just a quick drag and drop creator. See the screen shot below.

Interlude is free to use with all the tools available and another platform I recommend.

DvEye TreeHous
TreeHouse Project is a platform I have only just discovered but it looks like a great option for creating interactive Video. Drag and drop your video clips into the editor and create paths. Here is a screen shot of the editor: interactive video

Your viewers can then choose which path to take as they watch. The Free plan lets you share your creation on the page and also to your website. Social media sharing is also available for the free plan. Upgrades are available starting at $9 per month. This will stop ads in your videos and remove the watermark. looks like a great option for creating stories with the content you already have on other platforms and pages.

WireWax are really onto something special with their service. Once you have your Video uploaded you can add tags where ever you like. Choose a tag design from text, images, buttons, other videos or galleries. Your tags also have the option of being able to move with whatever its been attached to.

Interactive Video
Wirewax Editor

The Wirewax tools are completely free to use. If you would like to start a full marketing campaign with WireWax you will then need to upgrade to their paid plans. Give Wirewax a try and see if you agree that there is just something very pleasing about creating with their tools.

With HapYak you can create up to five interactive videos on their free plan, which is one of the most generous options available. But if you wish to share your content and collect data then you’re required to upgrade to a paid plan. The interactive tools include chapters, links, polls, surveys, text, hotspots, images and branching.

ThingLink offers a set of tools to customise your Video, these include, branding, icons, pop-ups, and content display. You can copy and paste web links into the video to create tags. These tags create interactive hotspots giving your viewer the option to explore more of your content. It’s also possible to become a developer with ThinkLink and build your own tags. You can get a free two months trial just for inviting two friend to give ThinkLink a try.

Atavist is more of a publishers platform and gives you a blank page where you can create an interactive story. Drag and drop Videos, text, images and slideshows. The great part about Atavist is that you can also embed your posts from other sights. They have a very good set of multimedia tools and the design is left completely up to you. You can make your page available for free, private or password protected. Atavist is also Free and you only pay if you wish to use the platform as a team, starting at $8 monthly.

Viewbix lets you add interactive apps to your video, with ads designed to increase engagement. They also have a free option but you have to request a demo and pricing. Upgrade is available for those that wish to use their monthly plan.

Spruto is not exactly an interactive platform but an amazingly free player. It’s on this list because it has a whole array of options. These include full control over what ever content you wish, your videos are not moderated or censored in any way. Plus full control on your in player advertising and you can add your own logo as this player is unbranded. Add subtitles, pop-ups, text and call to action buttons. Spruto is one of the best players available at the moment and highly recommended.

Interactive Video
Spruto Player

Shakr provide a platform that is very user friendly. Choose a theme for your design then drag and drop elements into the timeline and modify your text. Once your finished your video will be ready in minutes. Shakr are a fairly new set up and although very user friendly with plenty of great themes they lack the tools to make your video more engaging. There are no buttons, banners or popups that you can add to your video. They are introducing new items all the time so maybe they might be worth checking out at a later date. But for the moment there isn’t much to get excited about.

Interactive Video
Shakr Editor

I was disappointed with my final video as it was almost totally covered by their watermark, so not very good to share around social media. A corner banner would be quite sufficient I feel and this would leave viewers able to actually see your video. I also think $75 is a little steep for the price of a one to two minute video clip.

Other Tools To Consider

Multipop is a content authoring platform. You can integrate commerce, advertising, polls, charts, and pop ups into your videos. Convert your audience into customers without them leaving your site using Multipops one click revolutionary commerce integration.

InPlayer is a Video monetization tool that lets you add links, cards and integrates e-commerce into your video. InPlayer also has a pay-wall solution and data collection service to track your progress.

Vidzor help you build interactive video to engage across all platforms. Tracking is available with a full analytics dashboard.

With Racontr you can build interactive stories with total freedom to publish, embed and share anywhere on the web.

Tools I know of but have not tested as yet

The Mad VIdeo has not been functioning for some time now but they still continue to collect emails with promises of a new platform.

Others include, Engajer, Clvr, Sezion, Ivotek, Pulpix, Brainient and Wootag.


Educational Platforms

Zapation is a great video interactive toolkit, allowing you to add cards, pictures, text, games and video. You can then embed into your website, blog or use for presentations, highly recommended.

Interactive Video
Zaption Interactive Video Tool

Techam lets you add cards to any YouTube content. Add multiple videos, images and text to create a full multimedia presentation for the classroom.

EdPuzzle is a Free Video Interactive Education Tool. Add puzzles and links to other sites. Set questions and quizzes for your students and share with your class.

EduCannon lets you add questions and quizzes to your videos with links to facts and other websites.


Interactive media and Video gives you the opportunity to empower your audience, to explore interactive content and allow them to engage with what ever story you are trying to get across. Interactive media is all about engagement and keeping your viewer involved. It gives your viewer the power of choice and that is the future of video in a nutshell.

If  you would like this list of tools and more, in a PDF format then please complete the form below with your comments and I will send you the download link.

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