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It is time to get started with Video Marketing, even if you do find that instant play video feature annoying.

If you have a business you certainly cannot afford to ignore Video Marketing any longer. Leverage the power of Video with our get started guide and Video Marketing tips below.


Here are some astounding facts and numbers to think about.


Snapchat Now Serves 10 Billion Daily Video Views.

o Facebook has disclosed its daily video views, saying it had 8 billion daily views.

Periscope users are watching over 110 years worth of live videos every day.

o It is reported that Twitter has 320 million average active monthly users.

YouTube has over a billion users, which is almost one third of all people on the internet, and every day people are watching hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube which generates billions of daily views.

o A recent report showed that 84% of Internet users have liked a video in their social news feeds.

o 80% of Internet users now use smartphones to search for videos.

Instagram also recently introduced its new app, which will stitch your uploaded pictures together into a mini video.

o For more astounding figures you can visit brandwatch.


These figures and facts alone tell you that Video Marketing will increase the awareness of your web site, blog, business, service or product while also bringing in some cash. And with figures and facts like this you should also be convinced that it is time for you to get started with a video marketing campaign.

Building brand awareness and driving traffic is essential for any business but of course it is conversions that will directly affect your business. Using engaging, well-crafted videos in your marketing strategy will help you achieve this.

Video is a wonderfully engaging medium but still untapped by many businesses. Many people are ready to jump in and start using online Video Marketing but do not know how to get started. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started engaging your customers and audience.


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Dveye Video Marketing

Get Started Video Marketing Tips


First of all you need to decide how video is going to fit into your already established web site or blog. Your video should be relevant and used to connect or engage your audience with your page or post. It’s quite obvious that if you are a travel agency you will not be showing a, how to bake a cake video. You need to be sure that the videos you are using are conveying a message that is complimentary and consistent to maximize engagement.

There are unlimited ways to get started and use video in your web site or blog. The most obvious ways are videos that promote your business, brand or service. And the other most commonly used way to use video is to promote and advertise a product.

But there are other ways you can use videos and using these styles of video will help you engage your audience other than your blog standard selling a product video.

Below are twelve other ways you can use videos on your web site or blog to engage your audience.


  • This first Tip has proved to be very successful and is used by many top brands. Create a list based text video that highlights your main products or services.
  • Showcase a video that lets your audience see the real you or a backstage pass. This will build trust and also show the human side of your business.
  • Provide a way to educate your potential customers about your product or service. Showing benefits to customers helps conversion rates.
  • Provide a questions and answers video that highlights the most asked questions about your service or product.
  • Provide a premium series of videos that can only be viewed by members. This can increase sign ups and build your lists.
  • Provide a curated playlist of videos that highlight a certain aspect of your business. Short videos are more engaging and a list will keep people watching.

  • Show your audience a brief video about the history of your business. This can also be a story-based video that will engage your audience’s trust.
  • Providing a case study videos for your service or product will show your audiences why and how your product works.
  • If you are going to show a review video make sure you provide an in depth detailed review that offers a solution to a problem.
  • Promote other partners or products that will be of use to your audience or customers. This shows your customers that you are not just about the hard sell and will increase awareness.

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  • Show your human side by talking to your audience face to face. This will build trust and show your potential customers the face behind the business.
  • Diversify your posts by providing other kinds of video like slide shows, interviews and presentations.

Create Awesome Videos in Minutes!

Get Started Video Marketing Tips – Creating a Good Video


Before you start creating any video, I would advise that you brainstorm some ideas you have. I use a simple script app that is really only a story board template. This lets me import any picture or graphic and add text. You can download my templates  in storyboard Pdf  format now, no sign up email required. StudioBinder also has free storyboard templates available to download.

You are not expected to create the most stunning, visually perfect marketing video. You just want to create a video that will impact your overall business goals. To get started decide what kind of video you wish to make. Do you want to create a series of tutorials or a list of product review videos? Again remember your videos do not have to be groundbreaking but they do need to have engaging content.

There are plenty of video creation tools, many of them free to use to get started and create simple well crafted marketing videos. Remember that Marketing Videos need an attention-grabbing intro just like any other kind of video. Your video should be to the point by showing what it is your product or service can do for your viewer. Your key focus here is value proposition, you are making your video for your customers benefit.

Offer a solution or resolution with the final stage being a call to action or offer, which is a vital component of every video. If you have got an audience then you want to make sure that they take action on what ever it is you are offering. It is a good idea to including your call to action in your video, and in any text surrounding your video, usually underneath.

The best way to get started with video ads is by using the free YouTube editor. Spend some time using the editors free annotations tool. Add some cards and transcripts to your video and make the video SEO friendly, with your title, tags and description. This is a great place to start and once you have learnt how to use this tool you’ll soon discover other methods that are available.

Be creative and brand your video with a graphic, logo or a simple banner so people will recognize your videos. Use ease in/out simple text animations and keep the transitions short. Always edit and clean up your audio and only use the best possible footage you have. If you need footage download from one of the many free stock footage sites available.


Below are some tips to help you get started with Marketing Video Content


  • Strong Images definitely get people sharing. Use an online slide creation video tool with images that engage your viewers.
  • Humor is a good way to get people sharing and can also be used with animated or whiteboard videos. Keep in mind that not all people share the same sense of humor. Your video needs to be funny for the right reasons. You can always upload to another site and test reactions.

  • Controversial Videos also grab attention and generate engagement. But please be careful not to offend your viewers.
  • Think about using Videos that will inspire your viewers in some way. One of my favorite inspiring marketing videos was The Power of Words.

  • Create a Video that offers your audience a free e-book or download. This can then take them to your lead capture page and increase sign-ups.
  • Create Mobile sites and video landing pages with free tools like Mobirise and Tawe.
  • Experiment with online video tools and create different styles and content for your videos. Many of them you can use for free or have a free option. Check out the post below for Video editing and creation tools.


Free Tools For Creating and Editing Video

Video continues it’s phenomenal growth in popularity and into the mainstream of our daily lives. So to does the development of the creation and editing tools needed for producing Video. With the growing use of mobile apps for capturing and editing, Video is quickly becoming everybody’s favorite medium.

Get Started Video Marketing Traffic Tips


There are definite advantages when it comes to using YouTube. Because of it huge audience your video will create traffic. The best thing to do is copy the embed of your YouTube Video onto your website. This way you will get the traffic coming to your site but you will need to create more links. You can also download this free YouTube CMS automated script and setup your own niche Video Site. Be quick as this is only available until the end of July.

With paid hosting services you can also embed your video on your own website. This will generate traffic and links that are specifically to your website. Paid hosting also gives you more options and control to build links and membership on your own website or blog.

Free video hosting sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion give you the basic data including the number of views, subscribers, and shares your videos generates  online. You will also be able to earn a small amount from their ads sharing programs.

If your just getting started using these platforms will give you the basic understanding of how the revenue sharing programs work. There are several other websites that offer the same deal but certainly not the same traffic as YT.

Include targeted keywords around your videos, which is very important for good search engine indexing. Use keyword title tags and descriptions for each video. When embedding videos in your blog posts, use your video tags on the post to rank your videos. Make use of comment sections, so people can share feedback on your videos. Create links on other video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, VideoSift, PopScreen, Reddit Video and make use of streaming apps like periscope.

 Get Started Video Marketing Conclusion


Make sure your videos are used to lead your audience and customers down a specific path that will convert into leads, sales and conversions. This is at the end of the day why we are using video as a marketing tool in the first place.

As with anything you will improve over time. Each video you make and upload will increase your confidence level and you will find other ways and methods to maximize the desired impact. Appeal to your audience and understand the main purpose of your video. Create a video for your target market audience.


Keep in mind these simple rules.

  1. Choose the right video type. If you understand the purpose of your video and your target market, this shouldn’t be too difficult.
  2. Choose the right video creation tool. Remember that some tools are better suited to certain video types than others.
  3. Choose the right resources. You need interesting photos and video clips, the right stock graphics, and the right music or audio.

Once you understand the basics, creating a video is simple. For more info you can download my e-book Video Secrets Tips and Secrets. Join my Facebook Group, Video Maker Forum and follow me on Twitter. Please leave your thoughts or secret Video Marketing tips behind I would love to hear some of your video marketing tactics.

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