Free Tools For Creating and Editing Video

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Free Tools For Creating and Editing Video

Video Editing and Creation Tools 

Video continues it’s phenomenal growth in popularity and into the mainstream of our daily lives. So to does the development of the creation and editing tools needed for producing Video. With the growing use of mobile apps for capturing and editing, Video is quickly becoming everybody’s favourite medium. These apps combined with offline Video editing tools are quickly turning everyone into home Video producers.

mobile editing app
Many of the tools available online now offer a quick and simple editing option. Most of them are only automated slide show applications with an option to add audio. They do not really offer much when it comes to creativity, only the basic cut, paste and transition tools. Online editing tools usually offer a free option. These will include the use of several templates with a minute or two time limit. Your finished short clip will also have a watermark or brand label. These can only be removed if you are willing to pay a monthly fee, some of which are ridiculously high.

There are so many examples of these tools online but they are nothing more than your very basic Video editor.  You probably already have an editor on your computer such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie and these two tools can help you produce some quality videos.




Online Video Editing Apps

The online editors are great if you are looking to quickly edit and share. Or you maybe just starting out and just want to experiment with editing. At some point in time you will want to improve your skills and take your Video projects on to the next level. There are some very good tools available to help you do that. Many of them can be used online for free, downloaded for free or have a free option.

Video has quickly become the preferred medium for digital stories, promotions and advertising. Producing Video content is also an integral part of any Video marketing campaign and tool kit. But many businesses still consider video as  a difficult or expensive undertaking and many people keep putting off making their own videos.

Producing Video content for a business or personal website and blog is really not that difficult. With the use of the recommended tools below and the pick of some of my favorite editing tools, it would certainly not be expensive.

The tools listed below are free or have a free option. Some are completely free to download and use for your projects now. Video creation and editing tools that I highly recommend you try for your next Video project.

Lets start with several animation editors that provide a free service for you to create and edit your animation. I’m not saving the best until last here so the first tool is my top recommendation and a fantastic animation editor.


editing tools

Animation Editors

Animatron is a HTML5 animation editor that creates amazing mobile friendly animations. The free plan gives you a large selection of elements and templates plus 2gb of storage and limited export. Apart from the limitations you can create infographics, banners, explainer videos and more. The streamlined editor is very user friendly and you’ll be creating interactive animations in no time.


Animatron Editor


Animaker is a wonderful drag and drop animation creation tool and editor and one of the best available online. Templates available include infographics, typography, 2D and more. The free option will let you create as many videos as you like with up to two minutes in length. Paid packages will remove branding and give you access to a huge library of effects plus a higher number of exports.


Animaker editor
Animaker Editor


Biteable is a tool I have used on several occasions because it is very user friendly and quick. You can create animations & explainer videos with their free option. There are a good selection of templates and you can have a video completed in under twenty minutes. Biteable is a little basic but they are adding new features all the time. Paid options will remove all branding and let you create unlimited longer videos.


Biteable Templates


Blender is a full suite of professional animation tools. Features include real time previews,  fast model editing, realistic customization of materials, realistic character rigging,  a full set of animation tools and all the things you would expect from a full professional animation tool. And just in case you didn’t know Blender is totally free. If you haven’t used high spec animation tools before then there is a learning curve. Often the best way to learn is to dive in and learn as you go.

Blender Modeling


Focusky is a PowerPoint alternative and a great tool for creating animations with and short videos.  It has a great selection of templates and you can use for free. Focusky makes creating presentations and animated video straight forward and user friendly. See a presentation I put together here. (this is just to give you an idea, the presentation links no longer valid)

Focusky Dashboard

Other Animation Tools to Try

  • Anim8or is a Free 3D modeling and character animation tool for Windows.
  • FilmGenerator Everyone can be a Director and everyone can make a Film in a minute with FilmGenerator.
  • AnimatorHD is a great 3D Animation and stop motion software for Windows.
  • Scratch Create stories, games and animations with this wonderful Free Online editor.
  • Plotagon Animation story based creation app for Mac and PC.


Video Creation Tools

HitFilm 3Express is one of the best Free editor and compositor for Mac or PC. It is a professional visual effects suite with with free visual effects, 3D models and particles. Once signed up with HitFilm you will also receive some great free offers from them for effects and templates.

HitFilm3Express Editor


DaVinci Resolve12 is an amazing full professional editing and color grading system. There are far to many features to list here so visit the website and take a look. DaVinciResolve is one of the most used editing suite in Hollywood today and it is totally Free to download and use.

Editing DaVinciResolve
DaVinciResolve Editor


Lightworks also offers you full editing power with their fully working Video editing suit. Another professional tool with some great features you can see below.


LightWorks Editing


WonderShare Filmora also has a Free Video Editing suit. Features include unique visual effects, reverse speed control, voice over, animated texts, picture in picture, split screen and green screen. The UI is modern and intuitive plus you’ll find 4K support. Filmora is also social media ready and cross platform compatible. If the technical professional edit suits seem a bit too much for you, then this is your best choice as Filmora is more of a template based editor.

Filmora Editor


Flixexpress helps you create video clips and intros in minutes. Very user friendly and a great online editor. The Free Option is limited to only several templates and a video resolution of only 360p but worth trying before you start a paid plan which begin at only $0.89 a month. Here’s an intro I put together with FlixEpress.



Pitivi is a Free and open source video editor but don’t let the open source tag put you off. Pitivi believe in giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves through film and they provide an intuitive user interface to do this with. Packed with features and improving by means of user requests Pitivi is a great Free option.

Pitivi Open Source Editor


Binumi is an online Video creator. Select clips from hundreds of different multimedia sources and categories and templates. Add your own text and voice over in freestyle mode and build your story. All subscriptions include a storyboard, preview and rendering. They also have a great free option which includes full library access, personal video wall, instant editing and 512mb cloud storage. I will be trying out Binumi over the next few days and it looks like a great Video creation tool which is not strictly for education.


Binumi Multimedia Stories


Loopster is an online Video editor and mobile app. Create a demo video, tutorial video, video message or animation. Loopster offers standard effects including slow motion, overlays and text. The very good Free plan will give you a 10 minutes timeline, 480p resolution and 1GB of cloud storage.

Loopster Editor

Other Video Creation Tools

  • iVipid Create Video Intros from images and text.
  • Lives is a Video Editing tool for Windows and Mac. You can also use Lives as a  VJ Tool for mixing video live.
  • VideoToolBox  is a Video editor with an advanced file system and some unique features.
  • Prezi is a fully featured advanced presentation tool. Create multimedia presentations with video, graphics, text, animation and much more.



To take your video skills to the next stage you can always watch some of the many tutorials available online. Or jump in and learn as you go by trial and error, it’s a good way to learn the features of a new software. The main thing to remember when your editing is that you are creating for an audience.

Editing is where it all comes together and skills improve with experience. Import all your shots into the editor. Use an Intro or opener. Brand your video with a graphic, logo. Ease in/out a simple text animations. Keep transitions short. Edit and clean up your audio. Use only your best footage you have. Be Creative and enjoy making your video.

Please leave your thoughts and let me know of other great free option Video creation tools I should know about. If you would like this list of  Video Tools and more, in a PDF format then please fill in the form below and I will send it on to you.

See this post for more Video creation tools.

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