How to Create a Video without a Camera

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How can you create a Video without a camera?

There are a number of different styles of video that don’t require a video camera at all. Also in many cases these videos actually end up looking more professional than anything you would have made with a camera. So there’s no need necessarily to invest in an expensive camera or to stand in front of it to create a video. So how does this work and what style of video can you use?

The easiest way to create a video without a camera is by using lots of photos. If you don’t have any stills for your project, you can download photos from free stock web sites. In an editor you then use a simple timeline, cut and paste method that is used by many of the video slide show applications. Your photos can now be merged together with basic transitions. Add audio, text and effects and you have now created a simple video.

Perhaps one of the best and more creative ways to create a video is to save a personal library of free stock photographs and video footage. I personally save my footage on an external hard drive. You can find some excellent free video stock footage and photograph websites with hundreds of clips and shots available. Then all you will have to do is import them into your editor, create your video using transitions, effects, text and sound.

Below are a few more examples and ways to create videos without a camera. You should also visit these recommended free stock footage sites and begin building a personal library.

Free Stock Footage Sites:

  • Pexels Amazing, completely free high definition stock videos and images.
  • Beachfront B-Roll – Beachfront B-Roll provide unique free animated backgrounds and video footage’s for any production purpose.
  • Free Footage – Free Footage offer Video clips and stock for download.
  • Vidsplay offer free HD stock video footage.


create a vodeo without a camera


Slide Show to Video Applications

Slide Show applications make it easy to create a video with your available photos and music. Some are very basic while others are now integrating apps and cloud storage.

With Microsoft Excel Office 365, you are able to create slideshows that can be saved as videos. Add a voice track and you have a simple and easy looking video to promote your brand.

  • Picovico is a Slide Show to Video Maker with Free Option.
  • Kizoa is Video Maker and a Slide Show creator.
  • With you can create video slides and share with your friends and community.
  • Masher Create Videos from photos, music & text.
  • With Moovly you can create animated videos, tutorials, explainer, presentations and other multimedia content (including whiteboard videos).
  • Stupeflix and their app make it easy to create a video in seconds. Just add photos, video, music and text.
  • Cincopa will help you create image galleries and slideshows, video players, music players and podcast, all offered in various styles, sizes and skins.
  • WeVideo is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based collaborative video creation platform.
  • Magisto can turn your everyday videos and photos into beautifully edited movies, perfect for sharing. It’s also free, quick, and easy with their app.


Whiteboard Video Applications

Whiteboard Video is a type of video that looks as though it has been drawn with a marker pen on a whiteboard. It uses cartoons to illustrate the points that the speaker is talking about. These applications make use of software like Easy Sketch Pro and make it super simple to create a video. Below are some super simple apps and more advanced whiteboard software.

  • PixiClip is a simple tool where you can add audio and video to your doodle.
  • FlockDraw is an online whiteboard based painting & drawing tool. It makes it easy to draw online free.
  • Videoscribe Create your own white board style animations quickly and easily. You can also get their mobile video maker Tawe for Free.


  • Stoodle Virtual Whiteboard for drawing and Color.
  • RealTimeBoard is a Whiteboard in your browser, with collaboration tools and 3 free boards.
  • Drawisland Free online Tool for creating drawings and simple animation.
  • GroupBoard is a free online whiteboard and chat app that can be easily embedded into your website or blog.
  • ShowMe Create animations and tutorials with this whiteboard app.


create a video without a camera


Stop Motion Applications

Stop motion is the technique used to create films such as, Fantastic Mr Fox, Wallace and Gromit and a whole range of other animated films. It can also be a fun way to promote a product with a short video of characters coming to life and moving around.

  • Animatordv is a frame grabber, you can create stop motion and time-lapse animation.
  • Toonloop is a live stop motion animation software displayed in a never ending loop.
  • Dvolver is a simple online Stop Motion short video creation tool.
  • Frames Stop Motion for learning with affordable pricing.
  • ClayAnimator is a free Stop Motion Animator Download for Windows.
  • DragonFrame is a Premier Image Capture Software and Stop Motion Program.
  • MonkeyJam is a free Drawing and Stop Motion Animation Program for Windows.


MonkeyJam Editor

Screen Capture

Using screen capture software is another great way to make a number of videos. This is well suited to any walk through, tips or review videos. You can use it to show off your website for example, or even just as another way to create a video illustration, show your work or a slideshow video. You will find many screen capture tools available for free and below are just a few recommended programs.

  • Ducklink free Screen Capture for Mac & Windows. You can easily capture a scrolling screen, edit, share plus add annotations.
  • Jing is a recommended free screen capture tool that lets you capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web.
  • Camtasia lets you record whatever part of your screen you need, down to the pixel.
  • FastStone is Image Viewer, Image Resizer and Screen Capture software for Windows.
  • Skitch gets your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster. Free option for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Jing Screen Capture


Presentation Programs

The final option for creating a video is using presentation software. This is perhaps one of the easiest options plus it gives you plenty freedom and flexibility to create a video.

  • PowerPoint offers endless possibilities and is perhaps the most well know presentation tool. You can create animated slides and text, which can then be added as overlays to graphics and video
  • Emaze is the next generation of presentation tools. It offers free templates, 3D zoom and video backgrounds that can be added to your PowerPoint presentations. Emaze also has HTML5 technology, which enables hyperlinking, media additions and much more.
  • Prezi is a highly professional animated, slideshow, video, photographic presentations program.
  • The Slides editor is available online in your browser so there’s no need to download anything. All of your work is stored securely on a cloud server and accessible wherever you are.
  • Projeqt is simple, intuitive and highly social platform for creating presentations. It allows you to mesh together text, image, video and feeds.
  • KeyNote is a highly professional cross platform, digital management tool. Integrated mobile apps and cloud storage make keynote a very powerful presentation tool.
  • Slideshare allows easy sharing of presentations and is owned by Linkedin so it’s a great option for businesses. You can add embedded websites, audio and video into your work.
  • Knovio allows you to create Multimedia Presentations with Audio and Video.
  • Focusky allows you to create stunning presentations, embedded with video, audio, text and animation. Choose from templates and hundreds of royalty free images or create your own presentation and share anywhere. You can also download Focusky to use on your desktop.


Focusky Editor



Creating a video without a camera is not as difficult as you might think. It is only a matter of using new software you may not be familiar with. Many of the tools above are very easy to learn and with a little experience and creativity you can quickly create videos. If you need graphics and you’re not too confident with image editing, then try downloading from free graphic stock sites. Experiment with the above tools and find an application you are comfortable using. A quick tip is also to have some form of storyboard for your idea. You can download my storyboard templates for free to get you started.

I would really like to know which tools you use to create Videos without the use of a camera, so please feel free to leave me your comments. If you would like the above resources in a tidy PDF format them please fill out the short form and I will send you the download link.




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