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No this isn’t a review of  VideoSwiper although I would highly recommend it if you are looking to mass upload Videos to sharing sites. VideoSwiper is a great tool for your video marketing campaigns. It has a free trial so try out the huge list of features before you buy and have your videos ready before hand. Check out there promo video link..


What are the best community platforms for sharing your Videos and playlists? Where can you get approval? Where can you engage with your audience?

If your a video producer there are several places other than the mainstream marketing video share sites. Here are some platforms worth taking a look at.

community platforms

Wipster provide a community platform for sharing your videos. You can connect as many team members, clients or friends as you like and they do not need to sign up. Collaboration is encouraged and you will gain instant feedback. Start with their free 15 mins a month option and earn an extra 45 mins by sharing with your friends.


VidTab is a New community platform with the promise of Revenue Sharing. Optimised for viral sharing and built around it’s community VidTab is a video list or playlist platform. Community members can chat and vote for the best lists to gain incentives. The revenue sharing program accepts annotated videos with ads and members also get to run their choice of banner ads shown with their lists. VidTab is in pre-launch mode but it is free to sign up for incentives.

Patreon is a creators community platform from which you can accept funding. Create a page and share with your followers. Patrons can comment on the work you’ve shared and and you can interact and engage with your biggest supporters. You will find Video Makers, Podcasters, musicians, artists and more on Patreon.

Maker Studios  also provides a creators community platform. Engage and grow your audience, track and understand the exposure you receive. Maker Studio also provides the opportunity to collaborate with a community of over 60,000 creators.

Another Great option for sharing Video is LookAt who provide a community platform for sharing and selling your work. Video makers can create groups who can then share and discuss work in progress. Get reviews and approval plus real time collaboration at LookAt.

Gbox allows you to easily build a video centric site and earn income from your videos, series or video views. Gbox also allows you to launch an online VOD channel to engage your customers who can then promote and share your connections.

WebVideo Marketing Council is also worth visiting. They have an active group with over 3000 members on Linkedin who provide a relevant audience, timely information and media partner relationships.

I am sure you know plenty more collaborative community driven platforms as well as blogs and forums where creators can build an audience. Please leave your suggestions and thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

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