Cinemagraph Tutorials PowerPoint iMovie and Free Template

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How to make a Cinemagraph using PowerPoint and iMovie Tutorials and Resources

Plus Some How To Free Templates!


I think by now we all know just what a Cinemagraph is. Call them a fancy Gif, a moving photo, an animated photo, an interplay between stillness and motion, or a moving still, they are really are not that difficult to make. The Cinemagraph is a renewal of the classic Gif format that look more realistic and is more like a moving image or movie clip.

Cinemagrapghs can be created using a still image and a short video clip or consecutive, repeated photographic images. They combine video and photography to create a fantasy style still image, with subtle, repeated  motion effects. This new trend has been sweeping the web ( although I never seem to see any where I visit) and there are now several expensive apps to create Cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraph Tutorials and Apps Playlist


In truth, Cinemagraphs can be made easily (with a little practice) using, Photoshop, Gimp, After Effects, Premier Pro, most Video Editors or other image manipulation software.

The steps for using Photoshop and a video editor are pretty simple, so here is the DIY guide to create your own cinemagraphs. (with mixed results):

  • First you will need to select your video clip. If you don’t have a clip use one of the many footage sites on the web to download a clip.
  • Once you have your clip decide which part of the clip to take a still shot from. Use full screen and your computer screen grab is the easiest method. 
  • Now prepare your still in an image editor. You can use the mask tool or a very quick way is to use the Lasso Tool around the area where the video will repeat.
  • Use the colour tools to enhance your image and get the look you require. Now save your image as a Ping file. In the example below you can see the area on the right where I have used the lasso tool before deleting this section of the still.




  • Now drag your png file or import into your editor. In the examples below I have used iMovie and After Effects, but this can be done with any video editor that has more than a single timeline.






  • There are different ways to merge your video clip and still. You can place your still above the clip as I have done with the iMovie example. You will then need to use opacity, Ken Burns effect to zoom and fit the still. Also experiment with the colour matching a clip settings. Or you can place your video clip over the still image as I have done in the After Effects example for another cinemagraph experiment. I think it would be much easier to place the clip underneath the still but I am still experimenting with different editors and want to show you what can be done to achieve the cinemagraph effect. Here’s the iMovie tutorial and you can Download the iMovie tutorial and PowerPoint Template here.


  • Once your happy with the playback export your clip to mov file then you can convert it to a   Gif  if required, this is totally up to you and how you want to use your cinemagraph. Here is the final result as a Gif.



So this is a fairly simple process that can be done with any editor. The other way to to create a cinemagraph is by using PowerPoint. Again this process is much the same as the above, in that you overlay your video clip onto a still. This PowerPoint method is also very simple and with some practice you can achieve some great results. Here is the video for the PowerPoint method, which is a little rough around the edges but it is a simple way to create a cinemagraph. You can also download this PowerPoint tutorial and template with bonus below.





Cinemagraph Resources and Tools


Cinemagraph Tools

Instagiffer is a great free desktop app you can download for free. It has some pretty advanced tool and will also help you create a cinemagraph.

Loopscicle is another great free download tool that will help you create cinemagraphs.

Glyph is another Gif tool that will also create cinemagraphs plus it is free to download.

The Open Source Libraries also have many cinemagraph modules.

Graffiti is a cinemagraph tool used by marketers.

Plotographs is a photographers moving image sites with software that will help you create cinemagraphs.

MazePress offer FlickGraph which they say is the best cinemagraph software.

Blink is Microsofts Cliplets cinemagraph app which you can download free.

Motion Still is an app from Google used to make cinemagraphs.

Flixel is perhaps the most well know of all the cinemagraph apps.

GooglePlay have Fotodanz cinemagraph app and cinemagraphs app.

Lumia is another Microsoft App for making cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphplus is an iphone app worth checking out.


CinemagraphPro is also of course on the iPhone.




More Cinemagraph Resources 

VidTab have a good list of cinemagraph tutorials.

Photodoto have a good cinemagraph tutorial.

3D Tutorials have an excellent cinemagraph tutorial and much more.

HubSpot also have a very good cinemagraph in seven easy steps tutorial.

Photoserge have an excellent Photoshop cinemagraph tutorial with free source files download.

Rocketstock have an excellent After Effects and Photoshop tutorial for cinemagraphs.

Designbeep offer nine excellent tutorials for creating cinemagraphs.

TemplateMonster Blog noffer some cinemagraph freebies.

SpoonGraphics also have a great cinemagraphs tutorial for Photoshop.


Cinemagraphs are certainly visually appealing and work great as a way of grabbing the attention of your audience. As their popularity grows, I am sure we are going to see a flood of more apps and software. For now I need to keep practicing to improve on my, not so visually stunning  cinemagraphs.

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