7 Video Collaboration Tools

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7 Video Tools for Collaboration with

Clients and Customers

Collaboration with your clients and ultimately customers is important for reviews, feedback and approval. Initially your video edits will need to be reviewed and approved by your client and his or her team. After reviews and approval you can then deliver your final edit and files.

To deliver your Videos you are going to need a tool that will present your projects in a clear visual way. Your clients will need to be able to comment on and make requests for changes. With one of the tools below you will be able to manage your reviews and feedback accurately without the need to send emails and text backwards and forwards.


video collaboration

Below are 7 Video Collaboration Tools that will help you deliver your Videos and projects to your clients. With these tools you can share interactive notes and comments placed on or next to your videos and timelines. Share your projects and Videos with teams and collaborate quickly and easily.


7 Video Collaboration Tools


The first tool and probably one of the best tools available for collaboration at the moment is the amazing


With over 150 formats supported, you’ll never have to worry about your client or any team needing special software to view media. A key feature of is it’s accelerated uploads which allow for large files to be synced quickly and easily.

All the  feedback is exactly where you need it and you can also get work in progress notes. The annotation tool can be used with various shapes and colors to pinpoint feedback and easily track changes. Side by side views are also covered. You can also track what has changed between edits, shots, color grades, and just about anything else you’re working on.

You can sign up with for their free plan which will give you 2GB of space, one project and five collaborations. Prices go up for the Business plan at $150mo and unlimited uses of the platforms features.




Next up is Wipster which is a professional, intuitive video review and approval platform. With Wipster you can get frame accurate commenting to producers, content creators and media teams.
Wipster helps with bringing together teams to collaborate on video projects, simply, elegantly and quickly. You can share, get feedback, and deliver final files, all from within Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, which is great when you are looking to sync files.

See their How to page, for a more in depth look at just how great this platform is. Subscriptions with Wipster can be scaled up or down whenever it suits you and start at $15 per team member.

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FileStage is a collaboration tool that will help you manage reviews and approvals in your browser. Your clients, teams and reviewers can annotate their comments and change requests directly inside the file. FileStage will also let your clients provide feedback without signing up. This means you get precise feedback on videos, images, audio and documents.

Simply click on the videos, images, audio files and pdf documents to leave comments and change requests. Thanks to secure links, you get actionable, visual feedback from your clients and co-workers.

The FileStage Free Plan is limited to two reviews at a time, with 200MB of storage per team. This goes up to $99 unlimited with:

  • API access
  • Single sign-on for custom auth provider
  • Permission management and custom roles
  • Gold support


Videopath offers customers access to the Videopath project builder, a shareable responsive player and video analytics tool. You start a Videopath project by importing a video from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or by uploading your own.


Within our project builder, you can easily add interactive elements by simply dragging and dropping the markers onto the timeline. Once placed, you can choose the content for your overlays within the overlay editor.

Timed markers appear along the timeline on the left and highlight additional relevant content. Markers along the side act as a menu for the content to come. With Vidpath you can display a website, media, comments & call to actions within the video player. The background video will pause when you open overlays so you will not miss the actual video that is playing.

Videopath is more of an interactive Video tool and not essentially a collaboration tool. But with the great features it has, it could certainly be used as a collaboration tool to deliver projects to clients.

All price plans include:

Videopath project builder access

Embeddable HTML5 player

Compatible with top content management systems

The Free Plan is limited to, YouTube hosting only and Videopath branding. This goes up to $399 mo, with Professional hosting options, Customisable player branding, Additional player settings, Google Analytics integration and a Dedicated Manager.




Symu is an easy to use tool for Video reviews and approvals. Clients can add comments anywhere on a project. Each added comment becomes a task that speeds up the workflow.

Symu lets you collaborate on video files and improves communication with your clients. Comments added on a video will give you clearer and more accurate feedback which simplifies the approval process.

You can also set permissions for teams and users, allowing you to manage your clients access and set roles within a team.

Symu also offer a great selection of templates and freebies that can be used with their platform.

The Free option offers 50MB and Five Screens. While $29/mo Unlimited will get you, 10GB, Activity Workflow Tasks, More Storage, Video, Teams and Members.




With Screenlight you do not have to worry about formatting. Upload your video, audio, or images and Screenlight will create preview files viewable just about anywhere.

When a reviewer or client starts typing a comment, Screenlight automatically pause the video and grab the precise timecode. This means you’ll spend less time guessing where clients want changes made and more time getting the project done. You will receive the clear feedback you need to swiftly drive video projects forward.

If a clients feedback is not organised it can slow your entire production. This is where Screenlight can help. You can set permissions for each individual, then share the link. For added security you can password protect your project or set a date upon which access expires.

Screenlight is also Free for as long as want but limited to one user, 2 review links, 1 project, 1 GB storage, Screenlight branding and comment exports for Premiere Pro and Media Composer. For $9/mo will be unlimited.

Here a good review of and why it’s a Video Collaboration tool.


With MoocNote you can build your own video library by importing videos from YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox. It has an advanced video player interface that helps you to control complete playlists. MoocNote will also let you take notes on Videos making it a very easy and quick collaboration tool.

All of your notes link back to the appropriate place in the videos and are collected into one central place. You can access your notes anytime, anywhere and you can then share your video playlists with clients, friends, teams or who ever you wish.

For more info check out the MoocNote User Manual.



Any of the above tools will help you better deliver your videos to clients. They are essential tools for a video makers and certainly speed up the approval and review process . I believe simplicity is the key and for me price. Check out the tools above and let me know how you get on.

Please leave your thoughts behind, have a great day.


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