60 YouTube Traffic Tips

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60 tips and ideas on how to get traffic to your YouTube Videos

YouTube Traffic is a great challenge and you have to put the effort in to get results. We all want our videos seen by as many people as possible. It’s the recognition or social trigger that keeps us trying. When you check back to see how many views you have for your latest video it’s the anticipation and for many it usually gives them a warm glow. For others it’s that sinking feeling, why isn’t my video getting views?

Something that all good Video Marketers do well is create videos that can drive conversions. They get people excited about their products, then drive traffic to those videos with video marketing tools and carefully planned SEO strategies.

This is the key to getting your videos seen. But of course we are not all expert video marketers. Although with a little effort it is really not as complicated as you might think. It took me several years before I finally ranked a couple of video number one in Google search. Just check out how many YouTube ranking factors there are.

youtube traffic

Getting traffic to your videos and ultimately to your links from YouTube can be a long tedious process. For some YouTube’s who know marketing, tricks and SEO it is an easy business. But for the majority is can be very frustrating.

This post will list 60+ ways you can drive traffic to your YouTube videos for free (mostly). It will help you create a plan that can be tweaked until it is a efficient funnel you can use over and over again with new videos.

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youtube traffic

How to get traffic to your YouTube Videos

Below are some of the best tips, tricks and advice on how to drive traffic to your YouTube videos. This will hopefully get you more views and in the long run more subscribers.


  • The first thing you should already be doing is using both TubeBuddy and VidIQ. TubeBuddy also has some great video assets and templates you can use for your videos. Both these tools will help analyze your video stats and more. After you have published a video, every few weeks go back and update your tags and any info that you can optimize. Doing this simple thing will help your video appear more in search engines.

YouTube Traffic tubebuddy

  • Most of you should be well aware of your video SEO. title, tags, thumbnail and description. These all must be optimized before you upload. Without using the correct SEO when uploading your video, it will get lost in the millions of other video’s uploaded everyday. Visit this post for all the very best Video SEO tools.
  • Your thumbnail must be click worthy and optimized with your key words. It need to grab attention and include your website url or logo so people recognize it’s your channel. Free download YouTube Video thumbnails here.
  • Your title and description, of course must also be optimized with your key word. This should be continued in your video description. Before deciding on your video keyword, perform a Google search with your keyword to see if it’s on the first page. If it is then work on using it with related keywords. Use these top keyword tools.
  • Your tags must also feature your keyword phrases and rich keywords. For example if your keyword is “template” then insert related keyword such as, video template, PowerPoint template, intro template, outro template, YouTube template, etc. All keywords that feature your keyword and are search worthy.

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  • Feature your video as the featured content section of your channel front page. Here it can be pinned and seen first. Also pin your video to the top of all your social pages.
  • Use your community section and post your video link in the comments for your subscribers to see. Add an incentive free bonus to your subscribers to like and share your video.
  • Engage with any comments you have on your videos, ask your viewers a question, offer a link, try to get a response from people that have already commented. Be pro-active with negative comments by asking what was it about your video they didn’t like and offer a solution. Again TubeBuddy is great for keeping track of all your comments.
  • Like and comment on other videos in your niche or service and this will show in the recent activity box. Other people will also be likely to check your channel out having seen your activity. Remember you can also post a video answer but only once so choose very carefully when you do this.
  • Something I am very guilty of not doing is to transcribe your video using a transcription service. Then paste the transcription into the video doc section. This will also help your videos SEO.
  • Always embed your video to your website or blog and create a link back to your video. Embed your video where ever you can to create back links.


  • Use an interactive video service and embed his in to your website or blog. People will then not only be able to watch your video but click on links and find other content related to your video. Video players can also be used the same way. You can also create an embedded playlist. See this post with 30 interactive video players.
  • Post a Video Reply on a high ranking video that is related to your video. If you have any partner channels then post each others video comments recommending videos of your partners.
  • Write a timeline on your wall with each step on how you are promoting your videos. Or just write it down in a notepad but as a timeline. You will be amazed at how many things you can add. Plus this will then grow into an action plan and improve with new ideas over time.
  • Build keyword rich titled playlists that will appear in YouTube search. Share your playlists on social media sites to get your playlists seen. Add your video and use it as the playlist thumbnail for more exposure. This is a great way to get more exposure. See the DVEYE playlists for VideoMakers here.
  • Always share your video to as many online communities as you can. This will link your video up with the type of quality and high-retention views that YouTube likes.
  • Ask people to like, comment, and subscribe in every single video you upload.
  • Add your video link to as many other websites as you possibly can. The first way to start is when you have finished publishing, use the share buttons to link to the social sites. Create as many accounts as you can with other websites that allow you to post your video link.
  • Add your video to all the social media and bookmarking sites, communities, groups and fan pages. Create your own groups on Yahoo, Quora and other sites that allow you to create groups.
  • Add your logo and URL link into your video as a text for people to see in your intro and outro.
  • Use a color schemes that will be attractive and stimulate emotions in your video and in your thumbnail, see this image below for color schemes.

youtube traffic color emotion

  • Create a series of ongoing videos, this will hopefully get people to come back to watch your next video if your content is engaging enough. It can be about how to do something, make something, plan something, edit video, etc.
  • Use the word Video, in your title, this will help your video come up more often in search engines.
  • If you haven’t already add your subscriber button to all your videos.

video graphics

  • Use different video lengths. A short form two minute video will gain attention and new viewers. A long form five to ten minute video will maintain your already subscribed viewers, engagement. Generally a short video of two to three minutes is the best
  • Use live streaming and Vlogging platforms to promote your channel and links. Screen recording services will let you record and this can then be added to a video in edit.

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  • Always add your video to the many RSS sites available. This will help your video get seen in the RSS feed readers. See this video traffic post.
  • Use forums and groups to gain views and subscribers. See this post with over 60 forums and groups for VideoMakers. Engage with like minded and related YouTubers and VideoMakers by asking for collaborations and partner channels. Be creative and help people out by giving advice and offer a solution for them. A great tool for this is Sharree.

youtube traffic sharre
Sharree YouTube Community

  • Consider using Video ads such as in stream video ads that will appear for 30 seconds before a video. They are cheap and easy to set up if you need to promote.
  • Create spin off videos from your most popular and viewed videos. Offer a slightly different technique or updated advice.
  • Use one of my favorite sites like Linkcolider, Sub4Sub, or Drop your links, these sites will let you add your channel and video links which will get your video seen by more people.

youtube traffic dveye video

  • Transform your video into a PowerPoint and document form. This can then be added to doc sharing sites and presentation sites such as Slideshare and PowerPoint sharing site.
  • Submit your Video to free classified ads sites where you possibly can. There are hundreds of sites with large reader bases. Find a niche in a classified section that is similar to yours and offer a solution.
  • List your video on the Internet Marketing forums such as WariorPlus and blogging communities such as Bloggers Site.
  • I never do this but many people do. Consider paying for views and subscribers using Fivver and other similar sites. It’s generally not good practice because they will not be like, views or subscribers that are genuinely interested in your content. But it will increase your videos ranking.
  • Politely and privately ask all your social media friends to view and like your new video creation.

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  • Use Trending site like Buzzsumo to find similar content. You can then create a relationships with these like minded people to help spread the word about your videos.
  • Search DuckDuckGo and Google for questions relating to your video content. When you find them follow the link and see if you can leave a comment and your video link. For a huge list see this post for video niche search engine sites.
  • Use Forum and Blogging search engines to find forums relating to your content, Join and engage with the other readers to post your video links.
  • Take a good still image from your video and upload it to the many photography sites with your Video link. If your image is good it will attract people to your video.
  • Set up automated YouTube Video sites using scripts such as this YouTube clone script. It’s really not as difficult as you think and create a membership site.
  • Set up a dedicated email with your key word for one video. For example videotemplates@gmail.com. Now create a new channel with the email you created as the username and add your video to the feature box. Now search for your keyword in YouTube when you find a high ranking result visit their channel and comment on their channel. The anchor text from these comments are do follow so this will provide instant backlinks to the video you featured on the new channel. The more you add the more backlinks you will get. When people engage with your video it will link to the actor text username of your video.
  • Use Ping Submission sites to add your video links.
  • Add your link to your emails and send them to your subscribers and if you have an email list from a website or blog send them the link about your new content.
  • Create e-books and articles you can give-away promoting your channel and add your video links. Download this e-book below.

youtube traffic
square video ads

  • Create Banner Ads and Graphics optimized with your keywords you can add to sites that will promote your video.
  • Create a Free Scoop it account for posting your videos. Your are aloud up to 50 free posts.
  • Create Video Background tracks and upload them to music sites like SoundCloud with a link back to your video. Check out this free royalty free music playlist for your videos linking to DVEYE.

video traffic

  • If you have a comments section on your website or blog then also create a Disqus profile and engage with other sites you will soon have followers if your content is interesting.
  • Try posting your video in places you would never usually visit like Indian, Vietnamese, and Chinese social sites. You can always use a translator app so if they don’t have English you can post a bad translation. You’ll find some of these sites in the video submissions e-book download above.
  • Write reviews on other websites in your niche on Alexa and similar sites. This will generate traffic by including a reference back to your links.

youtube traffic

  • Try and always post your video links where you know your target audience are.
  • And finally probably the most important tip of all is try to create engaging, sharable, video content that offers value to your viewers.

So as you can see there really isn’t much to think about. But once you find a routine that works for you you can then build on that. I’m by far from an expert at this but going through this did help me rank videos and get more views. These days it’s not so important to me now. The enjoyment is more important than the recognition in many ways.

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For even more ways to get traffic see the traffic methods post here on DVEYE. You’ll find more tools and ideas that will help your gain views and subscribers.

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And finally lets end with some ways you know of how to get more traffic and views by leaving your comments below.

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