60+ Forums and Groups for Video Makers

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60+ Forums & Groups

The Best Forums & Groups for Video Makers


Video Maker Forums and Groups have grown in numbers over the last few years. This is due to the massive rise in popularity of social video and video marketing, with animated and explainer videos, dominating social media sites and the web. These groups and forums are great places to find great info, advice, new discoveries and where other Video Makers are sharing invaluable, information and tips.


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If you type in and search for Video Groups or Forums on Facebook, you’ll notice that there are many groups with members totalling anything between, a few hundred to a few thousand. The video groups that are getting high numbers are of course, YouTube Groups, with several now over 20-50,000 members.




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If you type in and search for Video Groups or Forums on Facebook, you’ll notice that there are many groups with members totaling anything between, a few hundred to a few thousand. The video groups that are getting high numbers are of course, YouTube Groups, with several now over 20-50,000 members.

For more about YouTube Marketing, including using forums, please take a look at this post about Traffic Methods and forum marketing. You can also find more information about Facebook Video Groups, YouTube Video Groups and YouTube Forums, plus Google+ Video Communities on the The YouTube Ultimate 2017 post. Check out this post on the new Renderforest blog, How much do YouTubers make?  And for more YouTube Tips follow DVEYE on Facebook and find us on Google+ below.

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This post will list video maker groups and forums worth checking out.  If your looking for advice, knowledge, info, help or you have questions, or you wish to drop your links, or you’re just looking for like minded people to share your knowledge and advice with, then Video Forums are the places to visit.

It is always worth keeping in mind, that if you wish to gain any kind of following or authority within forums or groups, spamming your links will get you know where, and in some cases banned. Share your knowledge and help other members out. Give other people feedback and ask questions. Take part and get involved with the forum. Forums have etiquette and rules, so don’t abuse them. If you post good content regularly and be an active member, you’ll soon begin to be accepted as a part of the community. And you’ll be seen as a member who can give something back to the group. This will also make things much easier for you to drop your links and get yourself some backlinks to your URL’s. Watch the video above for tips and how to use forum marketing correctly and effectively.


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Join other Video Makers, Editors, Producers, Animators, YouTubers, Video Marketers and Video Entrepreneurs on Video Maker Forum.  A Growing Video Forum with members sharing their knowledge, advice and information about video.

Video Maker forum is attempting to join and unify some of the smaller video groups to create a large members driven community that would be a massive resources and benefit to all Video Makers.

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Listed below are Video Groups and Forums you should definitely check out.

Best Facebook Groups for Video Makers

(you must be logged in to FB to connect)


Video Marketing Group totals over 6,000 and is a great group to learn Video Marketing and SEO tricks and Tips. A very active group that is strict on spamming and highly recommended.

Online Video Marketers is a a large group with over 8,500 members. Regular postings, offers and discussions from other video makers. It is ok to drop your links here as long as you are contributing to the group.

YouTube Ritual is a Tips and Tricks group for YouTubers. An active group of over 3,500 with regular postings and member discussions.

KickAss Video Makers is a great group for animators with regular posting and discussions.

Video Makers and Marketers is a very active group with over 2,000 members.

Video Sharing Forum is an active group of over 10,000 but heavily spammed.

Video Editors is an active group of over 3,000.

Video Creators Collective is a large group of over 10,000 but not a highly active group.

Học Viện YouTube is a Vietnamese Video group with over an incredible 91,000 members.

Animoto Social Video Marketing Community is an active group of over 4,000 members.

Video Marketing has over 10,000 members but is not an active group.

Kiss Anime Community has over an incredible 400,000 members.



Postproduktion for TV film and video jobs has over 9,000 members.

YouTube Traffic Beast has over 15,000 members.

Animation Creators Club is an active group with over 1,500 members.

BPN SEO Buy and Sell is a large active group with over 45,000 members.

Storytellers Filmmakers & Video Production Professionals is an active group of over 1,500 members.

VideoHive is an active group of over 1,500 members.

360 Video and Photo Marketplace has over 1,700 members.

HitFilm Video Editors is an active group with over 1,900 members.

Natron VFX Compositors has over 2,000 members.

Blender NPR and Stylized Rendering has over 6,000 members.

Viddyoze Users has over 23,000 members.

Proffesional Camerman and Videographers has over 2,800 members.

Actors Directors and Producers has over 20,000 members.

Adobe After Effects and Video Training has over 3,300 members.

Video Editor Jobs has over 12,000 members.

Final Cut ProX has over 400 members.

Easy Video Suite has over 2,800 active members.

Motion Graphics has an active group of over 11,000 members.


VidQuest Question and Answer Site for Video Makers

video forums


Video Forums

(Online Video, Video Cameras, Videographers, Editors, Digital Video, TV, Cameras, Production, Animation,Video Software and more) 


Creative Cow Forums is a hugely popular forum for everything video and more.

AdobeForums all things Adobe listings forum.

Production Hub Forums has a large listing of forums.

Reddit is one of the best places to find video forums.

GoPro Forum is a very popular active forum.

Microsoft Community Forums is a social all things Microsoft forum.

Video Production Stack is the best place to get advice about anything video related.

Video Forums is a UK video forum with all topics included.

WebMasterSun is a large Video Marketing Forum.

LocalBusinessSearch is a popular Video Marketing Forum.

Indie Talk is a popular Film and Video forum.

DVinfo is a popular DV Forum.

Videomaker Forum is a very active video forum.

DPreview is an active video forum.

WhatsBestForum is a very large forum covering everything Video.

Yttalk is one of the best YouTube Forum.

CNet Video Discussion Boards is a popular forum for CNet discussions and more.

Mediaportal is a large online video forum.

VideoHelpForum is probably one of the most popular video forums.

MagicLantern is a very popular Video Forum.

TubeBuddy Forums  is a great place to pick up YouTube tips and tricks.

NoobTube is a new YouTube Video forum.




Digital Video Forums – Everybody’s Talkin A large popular digital video forum.

Video Editing Forums: Digital Director The editor Forums.

Softaculous Video Forum The official softaculous Forum.

CG Release Downloads Free Forum is a popular CG Forum.

DV Info Net Forum- Search Results is a very popular large digital video Forum.

Find A Forum – The Ultimate Directory of Internet Discussion Forums  Search the forums.

Filmmaker Forum The very large and popular Filmmaker Forum.

The Top 100 Forums Forum listings.

DigitalPiont Internet Marketing Forum The very popular digital marketing Forum.

1001Forums – Boards and Forum Directory Forums directory.

Forum Directory – The Forum Finder The original Find a Forum search.

Videolan has a very good video forum.

Animation World Network   AWN network forums.

Digital Spy has an extremely large selection of forums including TV, Services, Gadgets and more.

Vimeo Forums is always a very active video forum..

BlackMagic Forum is a very popular video maker forum.

SATtalk is a a very large all things digital forum.

DTV USA is a large desk top video and TV forum.

EOSHD is a large Digital Video Camera forum.

DigitalFAQ is a digital video forum.

AudioReview is a very large audio and video forum.

DMN Forums has hundreds of user groups.

DvInfo Net Forum is a very large and popular video forum.

DigitalDigest is another very large video forum.

WindowsMovieMakers Forum is a very large video forum.

AVS Forum is a home theater, video, cam and more forum.

DVD Maniacs is a film and DVD forum and more.


This lists above will provide you with some of the best info on the web for video makers. And this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Many other forums also have a video section or threads, so it is certainly worth visiting the large Marketing Forums and search for video threads. See the post Traffic Methods where you will find some large marketing forums and other huge forums listed.



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I will, as I have done with other list posts, be adding more sites to the post as I find them, so check back to keep up.


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