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5 End Screens YouTube PowerPoint Templates Free Download

End Screens will help you direct your viewers and subscribers to other videos and links.

end screensCheck Out The Video Here:



End Screens, Cards and Annotations

Now just because YouTube have stopped using annotations, this doesn’t mean that we all should stop using them all together. Annotation still work inside videos but will not play with YouTube videos. So this means that you can still use them for your other video projects that are not exclusively for YouTube. And as you probably know annotations are a good way to direct traffic to other pages, videos, websites and blogs etc.

Along with end screens comes the new cards, that let content creators insert cards for product and merchandise sales, fundraising efforts, other videos, YouTube playlists, web links and social links. They are certainly easier to put together and I believe more effective with a thumbnail included. Cards can be inserted at any point during your video, and they will look great on your mobile. Cards are a little more obtrusive than the old annotations but they do looks much more pleasing to the eye and as you can use thumbnails it is up to you to make them stand out.

Link Collider a great tool for your videos

LinkCollider - Free SEO Tools Plus Social Media Sharing


Cards also don’t just pop up randomly. You will see a small “info” symbol appear and viewers will need to click to see a card’s content. This will appear every time you hover over a video. Cards do take up a lot of your screen but they can be removed quite easily with a click. And just like annotations, cards can also be turned off. I always used annotations sparingly as there was nothing worse than trying to watch a video only for it to be covered with pop up links. So I for one am glad to see the back of them. Cards have still not been fully introduced and old annotations will remain for the moment, until YouTube are happy that cards can do everything that annotations can.

For creators who wish to continue directing viewers at the end of their videos, end screens have also been introduced. end screens appear at the end of a video and are relatively unobtrusive plus easy to click out of. End Screens will help you direct your viewers and subscribers to your other videos and links. Again they are easy to set up and look much better than a page or video filled with pop ups and links.



YouTube say that cards and end screens have a much better click through rate.  This is the whole point here and the reason we why we should embrace what is essentially a new style of annotations. Check out our post on DVEYE for a list of available annotation tools.

Annotation Tools


Tools that offer annotation options for your videos.

OUTRO MAKER will help you create online end screens:

FILESTAGE is a Client Review platform and also offer annotations and time stamps. Check out this post for more collaboration tools.

SNAGIT from TechSmith is a screen capture and record application that offers annotation options. You can also download any past release for any of the TechSmith software from their website.

SPROUT VIDEO PLAYER: offer annotations, time stamps, notes and much more.

Interactive Video:

All of the interactive Video platforms offer some great ways to annotate your videos. Check out our post for interactive video platforms.

Interactive Video Is The Way Forward


VIDDLER of a annotation option with Share Video Time Stamps and annotations:

CLOUDAPP offer the option to share a video with comments:

Screen Capture Tools:

Many of the screen capture tools also offer annotation options.

YOUTUBE NOTE DRAW is a Tool you can find as a as Chrome Extension. It will let you make notes on any YouTube Video as you watch it!

SCREEN RECORD TOOL is another Chrome Extension that will let you Comment on YouTube Videos.


There are a some great tools available for making your videos more interactive. You can create links, add time stamps, comment, add notes and much more with the tools above. All of these tools will help you get more traffic and views for your videos and that’s what is important. Check out the YouTube Ultimate post for a massive list of over 100+ YouTube tools to help you get more views, traffic and subscribers. Leave your details below and I will send you the 5 YouTube End Screen Templates you can use for your Videos.


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