20 HTML5 Video Players

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HTML5 Video Players

How do you show videos on your blog or website? You could go for embedded players with videos from your own channel. This method is by far the easiest but usually doesn’t offer many player options if your looking to add site branding, color schemes, customized skins or advertising.


HTML5 brings with it, a very hefty collection of tools including CSS3 and JavaScript API’s. Images and page factors may be dragged and dropped, like icons on a laptop. Developers can create apps and websites that function like desktop applications and will even work offline.

The user experience is improved through hardware accelerated rendering and the wide use of html5 graphic elements, such as, 3D effects, vector graphics, movies, games and animation. Advanced JavaScript engines are now capable of running these applications in real time whilst having the ability to control colors and graphical elements.

HTML5 also allows you to add audio and Video directly onto the page, depending on which codec is supported. While HTML5 is not standardized it is now in use across all major browsers and used on devices such as Android and Apples iOS.

There are now many HTML5 players available with customization options and a whole host of other features. Some of the players feature extensive code embedding and others are as easy as copy and paste. Finding a player that is user friendly and fits into your website brand or blog is a matter of testing to see results.

Below are 20 players you can try that range from complex featured players to the simple copy, paste and play, all offer free plans and premium plans.

20 HTML5 Video Player Options

Bonus Video Player Bundle

This Video Player bundle includes 3 Video Players. The Players also offers support for Self Hosted videos, Youtube and Vimeo video playback. Video Player Bundle can be used as single video players, multiple players in the same page, with or without playlist, mixed playlists, video backgrounds plus widgets. Support for video subtitles, video adverts, multiple video qualities and much more.

video player
HTML5 Video Player Bundle

1. Bitdash

Bitdash enables HTML5 adaptive streaming with MPEG-DASH native in your browser with no need for plugins like Flash or Silverlight. Due to the native integration with the browser it is possible to play back very high resolutions such as 4K or very high frame rates like 60fps. Bitdash also has an amazing free option of 5,000 video views with all their extensive features available. Upgrade available anytime. Recommended Player.

bitdash player

2. Flowplayer

Flowplayer offers a full video platform. You can customize and design the Video Player to match your brand. Other options include, video reveal, overlaid or Inlaid. Playlists, Subtitles, Self Hosted option, Open Source Version, Analytics and Adsense Linked AdExchange. The free option with this very popular player offers pay as you go.

3.  VideoJS

VideoJS is an Open Source and freely available, HTML5 video player. The player is easy to customise and integrate into your site or blog. It manages to be a great HTML5 Video player with no frills or unneeded complications and extras. The players add on’s feature social networking, audio play back, advertising and flexible skinning options. VideoJS is slick, easy, and has a setup wizard making it one my favorite HTML5 video players available at the moment.

4. JWplayer

JWPlayer lets you create and customize the HTML5 player. Options include, Social Sharing, Related Video Overlays, 5GB storage. Monetize video across all devices in any browsers. JWPlayer now has a new free Option with no watermark.

5. Projekktor

Projekktor is a free Java Video player with customization options. Projeckktor is a self-hosted, open source video (and audio) player for the web, written in Javascript, released under GPLv3. It simplifies the way you implement and work with web video by solving tons of cross browser- and compatibility-issues. Features include customization skins, pre & postroll ads, playlists, streaming, themes and plugins.

6. Elite Video Player

Elite Video Player is a fully customisable Advertising Video Player. With Pre-roll ads, playlists, multifunctional, responsive and mobile optimized.


7. Spruto

Choose your hosting and create your Free Player. Embed on Your Sites with a whole host of features including customisable skins, ads, your own logo and playlists. Spruto is completely free plus you have full control over in player advertising making it one of my favourite options.

The Spruto Player Features


html5 video player


8. Mediaelementjs

MediaElements JS HTML5 Video & Audio made easy. Media Element js upgrades HTML5 players with custom Flash and Silverlight plugins that mimic the HTML5. Once the browsers have been upgraded so that they all “support” HTML5, Media Element builds a fully skinable player with all it’s features.

9. Magichtml

HTML5 paid Video Player with playlist to your website in minutes. The video player supports playlist, full screen mode, progress bar, text information, poster images, and works on all modern devices including iPhone, iPad, Windows, Linux and Mac. The free option includes watermark.

10. Leanbackplayer

LeanBack Player is a Javascript based HTML5 Video and Audio Media Player UI that uses build-in HTML5 <video> and <audio> element functionality. It’s very easy to integrate and independent of any other javascript libraries, it’s adaptable by using extensions and it’s free for non-commercial use. (your not allowed to make cash from the use of LeanBackPlayer) Features include keyboard shortcuts, personalized logo, player embedding, Custom skins & multi language supported. Free option available.

11. Video Ads Player

This is HTML5 Video Player with/without advertisement system. You can use player to play advertisement video before your main video, and also you can have popup advertisement at any time you want during playback. Advertisement can be removed. Players look is customisable via CSS, so you can easily customise colours and adjust it to your needs. Player is resizable so it fits perfectly in every website design.

video player

12. Viblast

Viblast Player feeds media streams to the HTML5 <video> or <audio> tag. It works as an extension to the standard HTML5 video/audio functionality that allows the media element to play HLS (the most widely used live streaming format) & upcoming MPEG-DASH. It integrates seamlessly through a JavaScript library with no plugins needed. Flash fallback is offered via Videojs if required. Viblast Player also supports VAST via Videojs & JW Player. Vidblast offers a fully functional Free Option with Watermark.

13. Playwire

Playwire is a Video content management system. The Bolt HTML5 Video Player delivers video quickly and reliably across devices from desktop to mobile, without relying on Flash for playback. It’s easy to integrate, and primed to monetize every view. Customise to match your brand. Maximize revenue with video ad networks. Free storage and monthly options are available.

14. Thewikies

The Video for Everybody Generator is easy and free. Input your Video URL, select a poster Image, fallback title, width and height, select embed type, then grab the sauce code. Helpfully your video is also displayed on the page so you can see what your customisations look like. (warning issues with search link that this code has been hacked)

15. OZplayer

OZPlayer offers free accessible streaming video for everyone and is free for none profit use. Full features are accessible with keyboard navigation and audio.

Others Players

16. TheOPlayer

HTML5 video player that can guarantee HTTP Live Streaming playback, cross platform without any plugins such as Flash and Silverlight. Full features with a free trial.

17. Easyhtml5video

EasyHTML5 Video lets you drag & drop to create Videos. The free option offers a very basic converter for your video. The paid service offers full features with customiser options and skins.

18. Jplayer

jPlayer is a completely Free and popular HTML5 Audio and Video Player. JPlayer comes with lots of code to embed which make it a little difficult to set up for many, but it is highly customisable with some great options.

19. Yendifplayer

Yendifplayer is a paid plugin player for Joolma and WordPress. The player fully supports YouTube’s Flash and IFrame Api. Yendifplayer selects the optimal Api for your device and browser. No free option is available that I could find.

20. Codoplayer

Codoplayer is a paid, prime HTML5 flash web video player. Full features are offered with the free option for none commercial use.

There are heaps more players available and it comes down to personal preferences and site integration. If the player satisfies your needs and is increasing views then don’t change something that’s not broken. But if you are looking to upgrade or begin embedding video then I hope the above options helped. What players would you recommend? Please leave your thought behind and if you would like this list of players and more in a PDF format then fill in the form below & I will send you a link for download.


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