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15 Video Email Services Solutions and Tips

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15 Video Email Services and

Marketing Solutions


Video Email has an 80% more chance of being viewed than any text based email. It is proven to boost leads, conversions and sales.  New services now offer greater features and guaranteed delivery. This post will look at some of the popular Video Email services and why video is the next step forward for email marketing.

With over 2.8 billion email users in the world, we all know how big email marketing is. It is still the number one way of reaching customers and making sales. Video Email is a marketers dream and is the next step for anyone working with video.

Video hasn’t become common place in our inboxes yet, because people just don’t have the option to read video in emails on their phones, but that is changing fast. Many new mobile phones are now supporting video in emails. New video email providers also offer customisation options to suit a customers needs in the form of lading pages and templates.

There are many benefits that come with video emails. Customers respond better to personalised messages which make it easy for customers to interact with a company seamlessly. Adding video, images and other digital media content to your email campaigns can increase user interaction and lead generation by 150%.

Video emails add interactivity that can keep customers engaged. This is the key element of personal video email messages that will increase lead generation and conversions.

Finding the right solution to add video to email campaigns has been a big issue for marketers. Attaching large video files usually results in your email message landing in the spam box or promotions folder. But compatibility changes in some email clients, plus the built-in features of the HTML5 video tag make adding video to email easier than ever.

Video Email can be sent in the form of HTML code, that will play across all platforms. Email clients such as Outlook, iCloud, Thunderbird or iPhone and iPad recognise HTML5’s video tags, and your videos can play directly from within your emails.


Video Playlist with all services in this post and more! 




Video Email Benefits:

1. Video Email Marketing allows you to stand out from your competition, thus improving brand awareness and loyalty.

2. Sending video by email helps you build trust and credibility with your customers or potential customers.

3. Sending video by email will help a business build customer relationships. With video businesses can develop a far greater connection with the customer than they could from a faceless black and white text email.

4. Visuals help get a message across and studies show information retention rates are significantly higher with visuals.

5. People are far more loyal to a brand or company they trust and feel connected to. Sending video by email will help solidify that relationship.

6. Increased engagement time: Studies have shown that over 60% of people will watch a video to conclusion.

7. Increased brand awareness also increases and customer will recommend your product or service, potentially reducing advertising costs. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising.




Video Email Providers: 


Talk Fusion

TalkFusion is an all in one Email Marketing solution. They offer cutting edge video hosting with no ads giving you a more private interactive connection with your clients. You can upload and edit your video. Choose a template from over 1,000 colourful designs and multiple languages. You can schedule for later and add attachments plus customise your branding and labelling. Talk Fusion can also be used with Apple or Android and you get detailed analytics included. Prices start at $20 a month. It is worth mentioning that TalkFusion also run an excellent associates plan, you can download their free PDF plan details here.


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BombBomb is an Email Video provider who offer unlimited video emails up to 2500 contacts. Gmail app & Chrome extension, Mobile app for iOS & Android devices, Tracking your opportunities with opens, clicks, plays. Prices start at $39 a month with a free trial offered.




MailVU will let you record and email 10 minute videos from a webcam. MailVU also supports uploading of pre-recorded videos in mov, mp4, wmv, flv, 3gp, 3gpp, mts, and avi formats. Uploaded videos can be distributed via email, shared with the video link, or downloaded. You can store your videos in a an online account and send or download videos anytime. Save contacts in the address book to quickly send video mails. You can use a short link for sharing videos and videos play on all computers, browsers, most new smart phones and tablets including iOS and Android devices. Prices start at $2.50 per month.


video email



Viwomail is a video email service that will let you add auto play video in your emails. Viwom automatically generates more than 20 formats and resolutions of your video. It then detects in real time the device and email client where the email is opened and delivers the perfect format every time. Viwom will also create your email marketing campaign plus it works with other top email providers. Price is Free for up to 500 impressions then a pay as you go option.


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CoVideo is a video email service that will let you upload and send up to 1GB video. CoVideo also offers, templates, notifications, one-time views, contact management, footer and script options and Outlook integration. CoVideo also has a mobile app so you are in control wherever you go. Prices start at $49 a month with a free option.


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Cincopa provides an email service that will let you send video. Cincopa allows you to embed any custom multimedia gallery containing videos, images, audios, podcasts, and slideshows directly into your email message. It also provides templates and video analytics. Your rich media campaigns can be easily integrated with major email marketing providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, etc. Prices start at $25 a month with the option of free for life at $99 one time payment.


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StreamSend offer full email marketing automation. StreamSend will give you powerful video email marketing tools, increased revenue with the StreamSend franchise, content automation, and centralised data driven marketing. Free trial offered.

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Goolora is a service that will help you send video in email. They offer a whole host of options with full email automation, transactional emails, multiple users, dynamic content and much, much more. Check out their full lists of services and their free download white paper on video in emails . Goolora offer a pay as you go model and a one time payment deal. 


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Other Video Email Providers:

BenchMark has an excellent service and also offer Video in your emails.

Powered by MailChimp excellent service will let you insert Video in your emails with their drag and drop builder.

Viewedit is a free service that will let you create, send and track video. Viewedit also offers a Chrome extension.

JiveSystems is a sales video email service that will connect you to your customers.

GetResponse is also another massively popular email service who will help you send video emails.

OutLook is another service that will let you send video emails. (desktop 2011 and Mobile app)

SendPulse will let you send video in email.


Video Email Tips:

1. Make the video relevant to your product or service.

2. Make your video the main element in your email.

3. Include a CTA in your email such as “watch video”

4. Use branded landing pages and templates.

5. Use a GIF of your video as a fallback that will click through to your main video.

6. Keep your video short under 45seconds to ensure retention.

7. Don’t autopsy with sound as it can be unwelcoming.

8. Use “video” in your email subject line.

9. Tag your video with your keywords.

10.  Encourage  your customers to share the video.



Here’s a tip I picked up from YouTube if your looking for a very simple way to connect to your videos in email. First of all create a GIF from your Video. Now add this to your email and when clicked on will link directly to your video.
There seems to be more services opening all the time and you should also check the DVEYE post collaboration tools.  7 great tools to help you connect with your clients. If there are any more video email providers that I have missed here please let me know in the comments.
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