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Web Hits Templates

Everyone loves Free templates, they make creating a video a whole lot easier. And it’s now quiet possible to get Video templates delivered to your inbox every week for free. Below you’ll find a list of sites to pick up free templates and a small freebie bonus template pack.

If you want to receive free templates to your inbox the first place to start is Motion Elements. Register with the site and you will soon be receiving Free Downloads.

You can Choose from free stock video, After Effects templates and free stock music. All Motion Elements are Royalty-Free, so you can use in multiple projects across any media worldwide. Plus all Elements are compatible with various video editing software such as Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X.

You will also find PowerPoint video templates, motion graphic templates, After Effects logo templates, After Effects wedding templates as well as After Effects intro templates. So you have a great choice of Free Templates and don’t forget that’s every week.


web hits MotionElements - Royalty-Free Marketplace For Stock Video, Music, After Effects Templates

Here’s a Web Hits list of sites where you’ll find great free templates:



  • Free AE templates, offer a huge list of , Free footage, HD Background and AE templates. Many of their templates are affiliate links but you’ll also find links to many other Free template sites.
  • RocketStock also offer Free templates to your inbox. Register your email with them to receive free monthly templates. You will need to register an account if you wish to download their great selection of free templates.


  • EnvatoMarket is the best place on the web to pick up scripts, video templates, graphic elements, AE templates, video templates and more. But if you sign up for free you’ll receive these Free templates, video elements, stock footage and more to your inbox every month.
  • Motion Array is a fairly new site but there sites updates daily with new templates. You’ll find AE Templates, Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics and music you can download for Free.
  • MotionFX have a selection of  Free templates with, AE projects and motion project templates.
  • 99Templates is one of my favorite sites for for Free AE Templates. Max keeps his site active with frequent updates. There are also project files and premium templates on offer.
  • CoolVideoIntro have a large selection of Free templates to download. They also have an archive of free templates dating back to 2012.
  • AE Downloads have a large collection of Free Downloads but the site is a little annoying with so many pop up ads.
  • DirectorZone are also worth checking out for free templates.
  • Templates has a very good selection to browse but are mainly affiliate links.
  • Creative Crash is a large Forum with Plugins, Templates, applications and scripts.
  • ProjectAE offer a large selection of free downloadable After Effect Templates.




  • FPPT is a PowerPoint site with Free Templates.


  • Editors Depot has a great selection of AE and PowerPoint Templates.


  • Brainy Betty has a huge collection of Free PowerPoint Templates.


  • All Free Download has a large selection of stop motion footage templates, motion backgrounds and more.


  • Slide Hunter is worth a visit for Free PowerPoint Templates.


  • Slide Share is always worth checking out for Free Templates.


  • Free PowerPoint has Free, animated themes, presentations and backgrounds to download.


  • GraphicSoria has a good mix of free templates, you’ll find graphics you can use for your Whiteboard Videos, Animated Characters and a whole lot more.


  • CGPersia is a Portal for Computer Generated content. You’ll find Forums and Groups sharing, software, templates, 3DModels, tutorials, plugins and much more. CGPersia is well worth a visit and once you start browsing you’ll find it hard to leave.


  • Scoop.it is also a great place to search for Free Templates. You will need to register a free account first. Once you have you’ll be able to access massive amounts of content including free templates and so much more.


  • Templates is another great resource for all kinds of templates. You can pick up Theme templates, video templates, graphics templates and motion animation templates plus a whole lot more.


  • EditBetter is another great place to find free After Effects templates, plugins and much more.


  • BestProAction is a great place to find Premiere Pro Templates with a good Free Selection.


  • PSDKey has a huge selection of  Graphics for your Videos Plus and Massive selection of PowerPoint and KeyNote Presentations all available to download Free.


  • TemplateWise have a great collection of Free PowerPoint Templates and more.




Web Hits Groups On Facebook for Templates:


Web Hits YouTube Template Playlists

Visit our YouTube page Saved Playlists for a massive selection of Free templates



Web Hits Google+ Groups and Communities


And you can also check out my Pinterest Template board for a huge collection to browse through. I am adding to this list every day or week so keep an eye out for updates.


web hits templates
Free Templates


Please check out our YouTube channel and if you like this post leave us a comment below or add some of your places to find great templates.



web hits favourite
Video Hive

 Graphics & Footage Web Hits

How often do you find yourself searching around for graphic elements and content for your videos, website or blog post? Do you keep your own stock library or use an online tool to organise your footage and graphics? Most of the time I find that new content is needed for what I am putting together. If the image or graphic isn’t in my external library then I will turn to my endless lists of book marks.


web hits favourite
Video Hive


There are a few gems I would like to share with you in this post of Web Hits. I am hoping they will save you heaps of time or uncover some places that you have never come across yet and where you will find great content.

For headers, banners, posters, ads and social media posts by far the best resource is Canva. If you’re not using this tool then I would suggest you start because it makes things incredibly easy for you, thus saving you heaps of time. Couple this with Photoshop and there really isn’t anything else you need for your design and graphic work.

A few other tools that have appeared recently are Designfeed , Buffers Pablo and Embed-ly. Designfeed does much the same thing as Canva but without all the wonderful extras. It will provide free stock images for you to use and you can also import your own. Mix and match your images and add your text and links. Designfeed will then show you many different completed images with which you can then tweak to your needs.

web hits template
Design Feed

Buffer have also jumped onto the image optimization band wagon with Pablo and again it offers pretty much the same deal as Canva and Designfeed. Embedly is also another image optimisation tool where you can add text to an image plus share on social media or embed into your web site or blog.

All of these new image optimization tools offer social sharing option and embedding codes for your web sites or blogs. But the cool thing about these tools and especially Canva is that when embedding or sharing one of these images you will also be adding some high ranking links to your image posts. These tools have high traffic which means better links and higher ranking for your images.

A few others sites that get regular hits are Vandelay design and dbfreebies both of which have great data bases of the webs free design resources. For one of the best freebie design tools try Vectr, which is a great totally free design software for the web or desktop. You can download Vectr for free and it’s compatible with Mac and Windows.

Several months ago I was tweeting on Twitter and I posted a link for a great graphics resource. A few days later I received a tweet from the owner thanking me for sharing his site and giving me a link to his library project he has been working on. This project is something I turn to every time I need new design elements as it not only has source lists for graphics, photography and video stock footage but it also houses several search engines that custom search for you. All this is housed in one design that you never have to leave as all results will appear in page. You can find the project at: allthefreestock where you will also find some of his other projects and contact info.

The Internet Archive Way Back Machine is also one of best resources on the web and can be used for many different purposes. There are millions of free books, movies, software, video, audio and more that can be used creatively in your work. There are hundreds of sites where you can find great free templates and stock video footage on the web and for more you can visit the DvEye web page, best stock footage. You’ll find links to some of the best places to find free video stock footage for use in your work.

If there are anymore image and design tools I should know about please leave me your thoughts below.



Some of our favorite sites are often also good sites to curate your videos from. One of our new favorites is Waywire Curated TV. Become a curator with WayWire and get relevant content from hundreds of trusted media makers and sources. WayWire is also Cloud Content enabled. Another site that we often visit is SiteProNews for their great video marketing collections.

web hits SPN Video Marketing Videos

While browsing your favorite sites it’s should be common practice to bookmark or link to the vids you find that fit your latest playlist or posting. Social media is probably the best place to find trending Video’s.

Discovery search engines will soon be introduced to Facebook and Twitter have introduced Videogram a video discovery tool. The top Video search engines right now are YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Bing but there are plenty of other sources to try if you’re looking for niche videos.

Here are some favorite web hit places to visit and curate video content:

Vimeo has a very large community and some of the best new videos and films you’ll find anywhere on the web.

The Best of Youtube, with voted up and down videos ranging from trending now to the year. You can also submit your own videos on signup.

BuzzSumo, is a great place to research current trending and most shared video content.

PopScreen has categorised video channels that are scored through influencers and given a PopChart position determined by members.

Reddit Video has for long time been a source for trending videos shared over the web. Reddits Video community has now been running for over seven years and has a large user base.

VideoSift is one of our favorites with trending now, just published, upcoming and rising videos. Join their community to share videos, vote and comment on their lively discussion boards.

Vidme is a new community of video sharers. You’ll find a thriving community who vote the best videos to the top. You can also upload videos without an account and earn money with Vidme platform.

Devour has a collection of highly viewed curated videos with categorized channels.

Others to try:

BuzzFeed top favored viral videos.

Wimp family friendly viral videos.

TubeFilter most shared filtered videos.

ClipOfTheDay viral video clips.

Do you have any favorite curation sites that are not listed?  Please leave your thoughts behind at the bottom of the page.





web hits

 I’m in serious danger of becoming a web junkie!  Web Hits aims to filter out some of the best sites and places to visit you may have missed. Here @ the little penthouse studio I have been accumulating and hoarding resources for years now.  Most of the favourite sites are of course video based but my bookmarks are bulging and Web Hits is where I can share them with you guys.


We all have our favourite documentaries. This one from Freedom info network. Four Horsemen is a big hit with us and criticises the system of fractional reserve banking, debt-based economy and political lobbying by banks. It strongly regards the system as a serious threat to Western civilisation.

web hits documentary
Four Horsemen

This film was released theatrically in the United Kingdom on 14 March 2012


A site we constantly visit and with documentary titles like, “How To Fix the World”, “Recipe For Change”, “Consciousness and Quantum Physics” why would you not be interested? I like the TRUTHTHEORY stance: “We created Truth Theory because we wanted to find an easy way to bring thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining material to anyone with an Internet connection. We believe that the mainstream media increasingly practices self-censorship, is manipulated and often, ignores many opinions and historical events. With the media distorting or ignoring information, it’s often very hard to get an accurate picture of a problem, even while watching the news”. And true to this they stand and deliver a very imaginative site jammed packed with great movies, videos and articles that keep us going back for more.

Another one to watch is the Internet Rising, which you can find on another recommended site, Top Documentary Films. A digi-documentary mash up released in 2011, investigating the evolving relationships between the Internet and collective consciousness of humanity.

And if you haven’t already come across this, We Are Legion, or rather they are a legion of loud but largely masked geeks, hackers, pranksters and outraged citizens who have unwittingly redefined civil disobedience for the digital age, and found themselves in the middle of one of the most important battles of our time.

web hits documentary
We Are Legion


Another site we have been watching and hits the mark this week is SNAGFILMS. Weather your after a life changing documentary, a cult classic, a creepy horror, your guaranteed to find something a little different here. A great selection of shorts, animation, comedy, cult classics and even some National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild thrown in for good measure. Snagfilms get a big thumbs up and is a big hit with us.

The guys at SHORT of the WEEK have become a big hit and a firm favourite with us over the last few years or so and purely because they have some of the best movie shorts on the web.

Check Out the Dv-Eye Video Library to see some of the webs latest trending Videos. You’ll find a thought provoking mix of documentaries, shorts, animation and more.

web hits video library
Video Library

Why does anyone even bother watching TV anymore when there are easy access, great sites like this around.

Video Hits will be updating soon.