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FESTIVAL EYE – Archiveeye

I was looking through the film festival lists today and there is always the stumbling block of submission costs, it can run into hundreds of dollars, pounds, or Euro’s etc. It seems to be almost like the pay to play conundrum that musicians face. If your going to play at a top venue then your going to have to pay for the privilege and exposure that comes along with that. There are so many extremely creative unknowns in the world of music, video¬†and film plus of course we all know someone, somewhere that deserves a break.

A good friend of mine who was a fantastic, talented drummer has been treading the festival circuit for many years now with his blend of chopped up break beats is one of the many thousands of talented individuals that deserve recognition.

Every artist will find some away to get there work seen or heard and of course the internet provides us with the 24/7 gateway with some fine access points and opportunities to take advantage of.

So looking for more I searched the festivals where you can submit your work for FREE.

Here are a few to look into.

ONE SHOT International Short Film Festival


Film Festival 2014

Manchester Short Film festival

Short Film Challenge

Take a look @ Filmmaker Contests who provide great opportunities for entering your work for competition

More updates coming soon.

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