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Video Cashin, Cashing in with Video

Ways and Methods for making money with video.


Method: Video Link Building

 Selling YouTube Views, Likes and Subscriber Hits.


LinkCollider - Free SEO Tools Plus Social Media Sharing

For this video cashin link building method, you will need to open accounts with two of my favourite link building tools. The first is LinkCollider  (click the banner above to visit LinkCollider)  and the second tool is YouLikeHits, another link building and sharing tool, click the banner to visit their site.

Both tools will let you add your own links and URL’s to your social accounts and videos. Set up your accounts and add all your links you wish to get views and hits on. Both of the tools work by watching, viewing, linking, sharing, other peoples links and you will receive these hits back on your URL’s depending on how many tokens or hits you have collected.

Now you have set your links up, make sure you turn them all of for now as we want to collect hits and tokens but not use them. Collect high number tokens with LinkCollider. YouTube subscriber and Views tokens pay out the most so you will want to use a channel that is not important to you for adding random subscribers. Build up your tokens and collect as many as you can.

Now do the same with YouLikeHits. Turn all your links and URL’s off for now and star collecting hits and just save them for the moment.

video link banner

You will need to collect at least 250- 500 tokens and hits combined for this to pay out well. And you will also have to keep your stored tokens and hits topped up.

Once you have a good amount of stored tokens and hits, head over to Amazon and Ebay. Search for YouTube Likes, Views and Subscribers. Check out the prices for the amount of hits you have. Now create a stand out banner advertising YouTube views, traffic and subscribers. If your thumbnail, banner is quality and your deal is good you should be able to sell your collected hits and tokens to people.

When someone wishes to purchase, you will need to add their link to your LinkCollider and YouLikeHits account, until the amount of stored hits is used on their URL.

Fairly straight forward and many people online are already selling this kind of service. It is also easily to scale up and use on other e-commerce accounts.

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Method: Viral Video Traffic Promotion

Real YouTube Views and Real YouTube Traffic

Watch This Video


What are the two biggest problems that you face when you have uploaded and optimized your Video to YouTube? You need Viral traffic to get a high number of views. If you are serious about getting Viral Traffic, Real Legitimate Views and subscribers, then watch this Video.

It doesn’t matter where you look, on Social media, Forums or Blogs people are constantly searching for traffic sources.  This Video is about to uncover a source that will guarantee you Real Views, Viral Traffic and subscribers for your Videos. Get Viral Video Traffic Promotion


Viral Video Traffic Promotion will get your Videos and Google Maps Embedded on over 5000 Video Production Niche blogs covering: 

Best Camera, Company Video, Corporate Production, Corporate Video, Corporate Videography, Digital Video Camera, HD Video, Live Stream, Movie Camera, Production Companies, Professional Camera, Professional Video, Sales Video, Streaming Video, Video Editing, Video Services, Videographer, Wedding Videography.


Google Ninja Schema Map:

You also might want to add to this Gig a “Google Ninja Schema Map”. What this means is I create a Custom My Map and Inject into the iframe, Schema Mark Up,Keywords and Citations. Add this Extra below. Great for Local Marketing and Map Boosting.

This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:



Method: VidTab Curated Video List Builder

Earn Cash form curated video playlists


Video cashin with new video curation platform VidTab. Vidtab is a unique and 100% free video curation list building site. Registration is free and once your signed in you will be able to create your profile and begin building your viral niche video lists.

The VidTab sharing community members can vote favorite lists to the top. High ranking lists will receive extra incentives, such as higher ads exposure. With the inbuilt revenue sharing program the more your list is shared the more you will earn. Build video playlists, promote your affiliate links, promote your business or products. You will also have the option to choose your own banner ad and placement next to your video lists, giving you another way of earning an extra income from your curated video lists.


VidTab is a great platform for curated Videos and the earning potential is limitless. There are also promotions and extra incentives for high ranking and viewed lists.  New features will be introduced very soon including, a HTML5 video player with annotation tools and a video search engine for members. Check out this post about building curated video lists.


VidTab Build Viral Niche Video Play Lists

Revenue Sharing Program & Community Platform

Register free today and get the chance to sky rocket your earnings.

Make an extra income with VidTab Revenue Sharing Program


Create your profile page and build your curated video lists. Vote and share lists on social media plus earn more from the built in revenue ads sharing program. The more your lists are shared the more you can earn.

SMM- Social Media Optimized for Higher Earnings

One of the key features of VidTab platform is easy sharing options and social integration.

  • Sharing enabled for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
  • Profile Pages and Community Members Voting System
  • The more you share the more you earn.
  • Incentives for highly viewed lists.
  • SkyRocket your earning with your own choice of ads.

VidTab is User Friendly 

VidTab platform is user friendly and you can have your favorite video playlists earning you money in a matter of minutes.

  • Sign Up and Create a Profile.
  • Choose or Create a Category.
  • Start Building Your Niche Video Lists.
  • Join in on Members Discussions and Create a Buzz.
  • Share Your List Where Ever You like.


  • Simple Video PlayList Building Platform.
  • Add your video link from, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo and MetaCafe.
  • Add your own Thumbnail graphics.
  • Built in Ads Revenue Sharing program.
  • Community members platform.
  • Create & Run your own choice Ads next to your Video playlists.
  • Social Media Optimized for viral Sharing.
  • Members Community voting and sharing.
  • Profile page and comments section.
  • Built in members analytics page to track your links and scale up.
  • 100% Free to register and use for life.

Copyright © 2015 VidTab. All Rights Reserved

Method: ClickBank and YouTube


There are so many ways to use ads in YouTube and one of the obvious ones is by using affiliate offers. You can build your own product but the easiest way to begin making money on YouTube is to find an affiliate offer using one of the main marketing networks or platforms such as ClickBank or other affiliate networks.

Search around for YouTube Videos in your niche and check the number subscribers and views. Look in their description boxes for more info and see if they are selling anything. The key to selling anything on YouTube is high traffic numbers. Some of these videos are reaching anything from 10 to 50,000 + views. If you are a struggling YouTuber check out this amazing YouTube training program.

Many people are not monetizing their videos and their links will only be to social media sites and fan pages. This is where this method comes into play. Search for more videos in your niche and bookmark ten to twenty that have high viewing numbers and no monetization links. This doesn’t include the ads that YouTube place over videos. Many users think that these ads will monetize their videos but in reality the payout is low from these overlaid ads.

Go to your bookmarked videos and click on about. Here you should find contact details. Contact the YouTuber by clicking the send message button. Write a short message offering them the chance to make some extra money just by placing your link in their description box.

It’s important to remember that the link must begin with http:// or it will not be visible. Your link should also not be directly to an offer but to a related website or landing page where the links to offer are placed. From here you can also collect their emails with a set up automated system such as my favorite Benchmark.

You can tell them you have a product that exactly matches their YouTuber audience. If they are not making money from their high number of views and ads then offering them up to 50% of your network affiliate offer will be tempting offer. Be professional and add your own spin but keep it short and sweet.

If they accept then you’ll need to provide links and text. From here you can scale it up with other network affiliate offers and video sharing platforms. Use this method on other niches and make sure you offer quality products or the YouTuber will not continue posting your links.

This method is used by many marketers and is nothing new. It is one of many ways to profit by using other peoples videos. It is also completely above board and really just about forging profitable relationships with fellow YouTubers.

Here is a quick recap of How to make money with Video on YouTube

Plus how to find other peoples videos you can use for free

1. Go To:

Press CC for free videos then Edit and add text etc

2. Go To:

Type in your KeyWords

Press Get Keywords then copy and paste to rank your videos

3. Monetize your Videos

Email owners of viral videos and ask them if they would be interested in revenue sharing with you by placing your adds into their videos.

Put Affiliate link below the Video

Use Addsense or other ads networks for Video

Get Affiliate offers from ClickBank and other affiliate networks.

If you have any other quick methods you would like to share, please leave your thoughts behind at the bottom of the page.





video list

Big Updates are on the way and that’s really what we have been up to over the last few months. I’ve been updating the web site and it’s just about ready for upload. You’ll find some great new features and a wealth of resources for video makers.

We have also been working on our huge backlog of video footage and related material, looking for a platforms to upload, track and sell. Below are a few online platforms and services we checked out.

One of our favorite platforms is VHX. Create your site and upload your work, build your own platform and package your work anyway you like, bundle one or more videos together. Hows that for total freedom. Your customers can instantly stream in HD and download for offline use, plus anyone with a PayPal account can buy your videos. VHX is one of the best publisher sites around. It really is total Video distribution for everyone.

Take a look @ VHX


VideoBlocks is the only stock media marketplace to give 100% of the commission to contributors Sign Up. Upload. Earn More. Join the Marketplace and start selling your videos and images.

The Collaborative Filmmakers First is also a good place to check out. They offer affordable distribution, educational and marketing advice and advocacy to independent filmmakers who are looking to reach out to new audiences. New media distribution and viral social networking are just a few of the services they have on offer.


SpidVid is a great collaborative web site and video talent network. A platform for passionate internet communities to  work and build a community around your video work. Videos can be uploaded for digital distribution.


YTtalk is one of the largest YouTube forums on the web and you’ll find a wealth of info on the community pages and posts.


VidYard moves towards centralized hubs. Build as many hubs as you like for different audiences and campaigns.  You can easily manage, search and share your entire video collection from your hubs. VidYard has some great options and is essentially a video library management system but offers great options for showcasing your entire video collection, immerse viewers and ensure your content is converting.


Brightcove VideoCloud is a comprehensive video management system. A powerful cloud solution for monetizing and distributing your video across connected devices. The company offer a full suite of products and services that they claim will reduce cost and complexity associated with publishing, distribution and monetization.


Br Sure to pick up the free 500+ Video Submission Sites e-book report.

Have a great day.