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DvEye Projects Past and Present

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THE MOBIUS STRIP – “A film short concept for everyone”

This project has been on the back burner for a long time now but old ideas are always worth going back to. I am working on the idea of putting it out as a competition for video and filmmakers.

We made initial location shots for this in Brighton, England many years ago now but myself and VJ Double Think were far to busy filming around the English festivals to push on with it and it remains as it was, with a completed story board, basic scripts, and the first location shots.

The idea is simple and an old reworked idea that can be filmed by anyone, in any location, with any camera and with very little budget.
 There needs to be brief guidelines and a sign up for people who are seriously interested. I will hopefully set this up soon with one of the competition apps. I am hoping that I can spread the word and get it out into the video and filmmaker communities.

I’ve been looking at digital story boarding and moving the Mobius Project forwards. I have a sign up almost ready so now I just need to complete a digital story board that I can zip up into a downloadable file and send out to people who are interested. I have never set up a video competition so keep a look out for updates and I will post on the front page of DvEye when it’s ready for go.

The Video Maker Forum

Video Maker Forum in trying to build a strong community for Video makers, creators, editors, marketers, producers, YouTubers, amateurs and professionals. The Filmmakers have already achieved this on Facebook with two or three groups that are now up to 30,000 + and I believe it would be a massive resource and benefit for us all if the video groups, makers could also join to form a strong collective group. The benefits for everyone are obvious, and we already have editors, several brands, producers and video marketers on board, so it would be great if you can help us grow the forum by joining us and inviting your friends.
I understand if you already have a following on Facebook. But it would be really cool if you could share some of your knowledge and content to help us achieve our aim.
I personally post many free offers and downloads, heads up’s, must haves, great links, promotions, marketing and advice etc.
This is an open invitation to join Video Maker Forum & promote your business, your group or web site or whatever you feel appropriate, You are free to promote and post as you like.


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