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The last few weeks have been one long endless week, of search and edit. I profess that I could do with my partner here because running through hundreds of mini DV tapes to mark footage is a long, tiresome, but sometimes inspiring task. Our footage library is taking shape and we will be opening our DV-EYE Stock Shop and cart, with free footage, samples, clips and loops within the next few weeks.

Selling your footage can be a lucrative business and considering the price it’s a lot cheaper for a producer to buy the shot he needs online than fly the crew and the equipment out on location. So determining which clips you think will sell is the important factor here.

Content as always is the key to success and here at DV-EYE we have a wide selection from shoots in many different countries. The wow factor, or the uniqueness of a shoot will grab attention and it’s these clips that you need to keep in your locker. If you’ve been shooting moving pictures long then you will know what does and doesn’t look good.

We will be opening with a large library for you to download for free. There will of course be a selection put aside for sale, the creative shots that we here at DV-EYE think are worth negotiating with.

Then it’s a matter of knowing just what the producers are after. It’s good practice to build up a portfolio and reel or link to your work whilst you generate your marketable content. A good search around the local production studios can always lead to good ends. There is also the issue of length but somewhere between 15 seconds and 30 seconds would usually be adequate.

We haven’t jumped onto the DSLR yet but that’s on it’s way, simply because many of the footage libraries that will sell your stock for will also sell your stills for you and the DSLR is a very convenient tool for shooting both formats. In this way you can maximize your potential income. Then there is motion graphics, backgrounds and one of the biggest growing markets at the moment which is royalty free sound effects.

The distributors will take their percentage and each time your clip is downloaded you will accumulate the royalties. The best part is that you can earn money from a single clip for years to come and clips sell form anywhere between a single dollar to hundreds of dollars. Of course it’s a difficult business to break into but it’s a rapidly growing business and if you have some great footage then it’s definitely worth thinking about getting your work up for sale, quitting your day job and concentrate on becoming a professional videographer.

You can take a look at our links page on the website for some of our favoured sites to visit when looking for stock. There are hundreds of places to grab footage from including public domain and open source movies that you can chop up and use. But the best thing of all is getting out there and shooting your own. What can be more satisfying than editing that small masterpiece that will potentially generate you hundreds of dollars.

Take a browse at our other favorites from this week and be sure to have a go at shooting your own and uploading your work.

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