Annotation Tools

Annotation Tools Unlocked Annotation Tools are a must have requirement when your launching a new video, promoting or advertising a product, business or service. Most people head straight for the YouTube video manager, where you can add all your annotations in a matter of minutes. YT have made … Continue reading

Community Platforms

No this isn't a review of ¬†VideoSwiper although I would highly recommend it if you are looking to mass upload Videos to sharing sites. VideoSwiper is a great tool for your video marketing campaigns. It has a free trial so try out the huge list of features before you buy and have your videos … Continue reading

Video Monetization

Cashing¬†in with Video Monetization The first thing that comes to mind when considering ways to monetize your video content is YouTube. It has the lions share of viewers and has all the tools you need with an easy set up. It is by far the biggest platform but as the need for video monetization … Continue reading